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This Release Data-Maker-0.29  [Download] [Browse 24 Feb 2013
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Data::Maker Simple, flexibile and extensible generation of realistic data     0.29
Data::Maker::Field a Moose role that is consumed by all Data::Maker field classes; the ones included with Data::Maker and the ones that you write yourself to extend Data::Maker's capabilities.     0.28
Data::Maker::Field::Code A Data::Maker field class that generates its data based on a code reference. It was written specifically to allow for certain fields to be based on the value of some other field in the same record.     0.09
Data::Maker::Field::DateTime A Data::Maker field class that generates DateTime values.     0.09
Data::Maker::Field::File     0.08
Data::Maker::Field::Format     0.09
Data::Maker::Field::IP     0.20
Data::Maker::Field::Initials A Data::Maker field class that generates its data from the initials of either the the value of a single field, or the value of multiple fields, previously determined in the same record. This class is     0.17
Data::Maker::Field::Lorem A Data::Maker field class that uses Text::Lorem to generate random Latin-looking text, given a number of words, sentences or paragraphs.     0.10
Data::Maker::Field::MultiSet A Data::Maker field class that generates its data based on a set of lists of potential values.     0.16
Data::Maker::Field::Number A Data::Maker field class used for generating numeric data.     0.24
Data::Maker::Field::Password     0.20
Data::Maker::Field::Person     0.14
Data::Maker::Field::Person::FirstName     0.08
Data::Maker::Field::Person::Gender     0.20
Data::Maker::Field::Person::LastName     0.08
Data::Maker::Field::Person::MiddleName     0.08
Data::Maker::Field::Person::SSN     0.14
Data::Maker::Field::Set A Data::Maker field class that generates its data based on a list of potential values.     0.10
Data::Maker::Record     0.14
Data::Maker::Value A value generated by a Data::Maker::Field     0.01


Data::Maker::Tutorial Learning the basics of Data::Maker