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This Release Datahub-Factory-1.73  [Download] [Browse 30 Nov 2017
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License The GNU General Public License, Version 3, June 2007
Special Files


Datahub::Factory A conveyor belt which transports data from a data source to a data sink.     1.73
Datahub::Factory::CLI The App::Cmd class for the Datahub::Factory application     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Cmd A base class for extending the Datahub Factory command line     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Command::index     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Command::transport Transport data in bulk to a enterprise search engine.     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Config A Datahub::Factory configuration file loader     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Env A Datahub::Factory configuration file loader     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Error     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Exporter Namespace for exporter packages     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Exporter::Datahub Export items to a Datahub instance     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Exporter::JSON Export items to JSON     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Exporter::LIDO Export items to LIDO     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Exporter::Solr Export items to a Solr instance     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Exporter::YAML Export items to YAML     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Fixer Namespace for fixer packages     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Fixer::Condition Load fixer plugins based on a condition     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Fixer::Fix Execute fixes on a single record     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Flash Pretty verbose flash messages     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Importer Namespace for importer packages     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Importer::Adlib Import data from Adlib <> data dumps     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Importer::CollectiveAccess Import data from a CollectiveAccess <> instance     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Importer::Datahub Import items from a Datahub instance     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Importer::JSON Import data from JSON flat file data dumps     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Importer::OAI Import data from an OAI-PMH <> endpoint     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Importer::TMS Import data from a TMS <> instance     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Importer::YAML Import data from YAML data dumps     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Indexer Namespace for indexer packages     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Indexer::Solr Index data in Solr via a data import handler.     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Logger A role for classes that need logging capabilities     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Pipeline The Pipeline configuration handler class.     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Pipeline::Exporter     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Pipeline::Fixer     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Pipeline::General     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Pipeline::Importer     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Pipeline::Index     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Pipeline::Transport     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Sane Package boilerplate     1.73
Datahub::Factory::TMS::Importer::Index     1.73
Datahub::Factory::Util     1.73