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This Release Devel-Events-0.09  [Download] [Browse 26 Mar 2018
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Devel::Events Extensible instrumentation framework     0.09
Devel::Events::Filter A handler role that filters events and delegates to another     0.09
Devel::Events::Filter::Callback Callback based Devel::Events::Filter     0.09
Devel::Events::Filter::Drop Remove events that match or don't match a condition     0.09
Devel::Events::Filter::HandlerOptional A role for filters that are useful even without a handler     0.09
Devel::Events::Filter::RemoveFields Remove certain fields from events     0.09
Devel::Events::Filter::Stamp Add time/context stamping to events     0.09
Devel::Events::Filter::Stringify A simple event filter to prevent leaks     0.09
Devel::Events::Filter::Warn log every event to STDERR     0.09
Devel::Events::Generator An optional base role for event generators.     0.09
Devel::Events::Generator::LineTrace Generate executing_line events using the perl debugger api     0.09
Devel::Events::Generator::Require Event generator for loading of code using require     0.09
Devel::Events::Generator::SubTrace generate executing_line events using the perl debugger api     0.09
Devel::Events::Handler An optional base role for event handlers.     0.09
Devel::Events::Handler::Callback An event handler that delegates to code references.     0.09
Devel::Events::Handler::Log::Memory An optional base role for event generators.     0.09
Devel::Events::Handler::Multiplex Delegate events to multiple handlers     0.09
Devel::Events::Match Event matching, splicing and dicing.     0.09