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This Release Egg-Release-3.14  [Download] [Browse 29 May 2008
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Egg MVC Framework.     3.04
Egg::Base Generic base class for Egg.     3.02
Egg::Component Base class to treat Egg component.     3.02
Egg::Component::Base Base class for component.     3.01
Egg::Dispatch::Fast Another dispatch class.     3.02
Egg::Dispatch::Standard Dispatch of Egg standard.     3.04
Egg::Dispatch::handler Base class for dispatch.      
Egg::Exception The exception with stack trace is generated.     3.00
Egg::Helper::Build::Module The module file complete set is generated.     3.00
Egg::Helper::Build::Plugin The template of the plugin module is generated.     3.00
Egg::Helper::Build::Project Helper to generate project.     3.02
Egg::Helper::Build::Prototype Helper who outputs prototype.js     3.00
Egg::Helper::Config::YAML The configuration of the YAML format is output.     3.00
Egg::Helper::Dummy Helper module for Egg.      
Egg::Helper::Util::Base Utility for a helper module.     3.01
Egg::Helper::Util::Tester Operation test of project.     3.00
Egg::Helper::Util::VirtualProject Virtual project for package test.     3.00
Egg::Log::STDERR Log message is output to STDERR.     3.01
Egg::Manager Model manager and view manager's base classes.     3.03
Egg::Manager::Model Model manager for Egg.     3.00
Egg::Manager::View View manager for Egg.     3.00
Egg::Model Base class for model.     3.00
Egg::Plugin::Banner::Rotate::handler Plugin to display advertisement rotating.      
Egg::Plugin::Charset Base class for Charset plugin.     3.00
Egg::Plugin::Charset::EUC_JP Plugin to output contents with EUC-JP.     3.00
Egg::Plugin::Charset::Shift_JIS Plugin to output contents with Shift_JIS.     3.00
Egg::Plugin::Charset::UTF8 Plugin to output contents with UTF-8.     3.00
Egg::Plugin::ConfigLoader An external configuration for Egg is loaded.     3.00
Egg::Plugin::Debug::Bar Plugin to bury bar for debugging under contents for Egg.     3.00
Egg::Plugin::Encode Conversion function of character.     3.00
Egg::Plugin::File::Rotate Plugin that does file rotation.     3.00
Egg::Plugin::FillInForm HTML::FillInForm for Egg.     3.00
Egg::Plugin::Filter Plugin to regularize input data.     3.01
Egg::Plugin::Filter::Plugin::Japanese Filter processing for Japanese.     3.00
Egg::Plugin::Filter::Plugin::Japanese::EUC The filter for the EUC character is set up.     3.00
Egg::Plugin::Filter::Plugin::Japanese::Shift_JIS The filter for the Shift_JIS character is set up.     3.00
Egg::Plugin::Filter::Plugin::Japanese::UTF8 The filter for the UTF8 character is set up.     3.00
Egg::Plugin::FormValidator::Simple Validator for Egg with FormValidator::Simple     3.00
Egg::Plugin::HTML::TagCloud Plugin to use HTML::TagCloud.     3.00
Egg::Plugin::HTTP::BrowserDetect Plugin for HTTP::BrowserDetect.     3.00
Egg::Plugin::HTTP::HeadParser Analysis of request header and response header.     3.00
Egg::Plugin::Mason Plugin for Egg::View::Mason     3.01
Egg::Plugin::Prototype Plugin for Prototype     3.00
Egg::Plugin::Request::Upload File upload function.     3.00
Egg::Plugin::Response::ErrorDocument Plugin that outputs error document.     3.00
Egg::Plugin::Response::Redirect Output of redirect screen etc.     3.01
Egg::Plugin::Tools Convenient method collection for Egg.     3.01
Egg::Plugin::WYSIWYG::FCKeditor::handler Plugin to use FCKeditor that is WYSIWYG.      
Egg::Plugin::YAML Plugin to treat data of YAML format.     3.00
Egg::Plugin::rc Loading the resource code file for Egg is supported.     3.00
Egg::Release Version of Egg WEB Application Framework.     3.08
Egg::Request WEB request processing for Egg.     3.01
Egg::Request::Apache Request class for mod_perl.     3.00
Egg::Request::Apache::MP13 mod_perl1.3x for Egg request.     3.00
Egg::Request::Apache::MP19 mod_perl1.9x for Egg request.     3.00
Egg::Request::Apache::MP20 mod_perl2.0 for Egg request.     3.00
Egg::Request::CGI::handler Request processing by      
Egg::Request::FastCGI Request class to use FastCGI.     3.00
Egg::Request::Upload Base class for file upload.     3.00
Egg::Request::Upload::CGI File upload by CGI::Upload.     3.00
Egg::Request::Upload::ModPerl::handler File upload by Apache::Upload.      
Egg::Response WEB response processing for Egg.     3.00
Egg::Response::Headers::TieHash Response header class for Egg.      
Egg::Response::TieCookie A class that preserves set Cookie.     3.00
Egg::Util Standard method of utility for Egg.     3.00
Egg::Util::BenchMark Easy bench mark class for Egg.     3.00
Egg::Util::BlankPage Default page for project.     3.00
Egg::Util::Debug Debug class for Egg.     3.01
Egg::Util::DebugScreen Debugging screen for Egg.     3.02
Egg::Util::STDIO::result Module to use IO::Scalar easily.      
Egg::View Base class for view.     3.00
Egg::View::HT View for HTML::Template.     3.00
Egg::View::Mason View for HTML::Mason     3.00
Egg::View::Template::GlobalParam General parameter for template.     3.00


Egg::Dispatch Base class for dispatch.  
Egg::Helper Helper module for Egg.  
Egg::Helper::BlankPage Default page for project.  
Egg::Plugin::Banner::Rotate Plugin to display advertisement rotating.  
Egg::Plugin::Response::ErrorDocument? Plugin that outputs error document.  
Egg::Plugin::Upload File upload function.  
Egg::Plugin::WYSIWYG::FCKeditor Plugin to use FCKeditor that is WYSIWYG.  
Egg::Request::CGI Request processing by  
Egg::Request::Upload::ModPerl File upload by Apache::Upload.  
Egg::Response::Headers Response header class for Egg.  
Egg::Response::TieCookie? A class that preserves set Cookie.  
Egg::Util::STDIO Module to use IO::Scalar easily.  
Egg::View::Template::GlobalParam? General parameter for template.