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This Release Ekahau-0.001  [Download] [Browse 27 Jun 2005
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Special Files


Ekahau Synchronous interface to Ekahau location sensing system     
Ekahau::Base Low-level interface to Ekahau location sensing system    0.001
Ekahau::ErrHandler Internal class used to unify error handling across Ekahau modules    0.001
Ekahau::Events Event-driven interface to Ekahau location sensing system     
Ekahau::License Internal module used to parse and handle Ekahau license files.     
Ekahau::Response Response from an Ekahau server     
Ekahau::Response::Area Represents a single area contained in an Ekahau response     
Ekahau::Response::AreaEstimate A list of areas where a tracked object may be     
Ekahau::Response::AreaList Represents a list of areas contained in an Ekahau response     
Ekahau::Response::DeviceList A list of devices visible to Ekahau     
Ekahau::Response::DeviceProperties Properties of a device tracked by Ekahau     
Ekahau::Response::Error An error response from Ekahau     
Ekahau::Response::LocationEstimate Contains an estimate of an object's location     
Ekahau::Response::MapImage Contains a map of a location     
Ekahau::Response::StopAreaTrackOK Indicates a "stop area track" command succeeded.     
Ekahau::Response::StopLocationTrackOK Indicates a "stop location track" command succeeded.     
Ekahau::Server Simple class for creating an Ekahau-style server, for testing     
Ekahau::Server::Test Creates a test Ekahau server     


Ekahau::Response::LocationContex Contains an Ekahau *location context*, with information about a location