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This Release Elastic-Model-0.52  [Download] [Browse 19 Nov 2015
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Elastic::Doc Adds Elastic::Model functionality to your object classes     0.52
Elastic::Model A NoSQL document store with full text search for Moose objects using Elasticsearch as a backend.     0.52
Elastic::Model::0_90::Result A 0.90.x compatibility class for Elastic::Model::Result     0.52
Elastic::Model::0_90::Store A 0.90.x compatibility class for Elastic::Model::Store     0.52
Elastic::Model::Alias Administer aliases in Elasticsearch     0.52
Elastic::Model::Bulk Bulk-saving of multiple docs for increased throughput     0.52
Elastic::Model::Deleted A class to represent deleted doc objects which are still in scope     0.52
Elastic::Model::Domain The domain (index or alias) where your docs are stored.     0.52
Elastic::Model::Index Create and administer indices in Elasticsearch     0.52
Elastic::Model::Meta::Class::Doc A meta-class for Docs     0.52
Elastic::Model::Meta::Class::Model A meta-class for Models     0.52
Elastic::Model::Namespace Class-to-type map     0.52
Elastic::Model::Result A wrapper for individual search results     0.52
Elastic::Model::Results An iterator over bounded/finite search results     0.52
Elastic::Model::Results::Cached A cacheable iterator over bounded/finite search results     0.52
Elastic::Model::Results::Scrolled An iterator over unbounded search results     0.52
Elastic::Model::Role::Doc The role applied to your Doc classes     0.52
Elastic::Model::Role::Index Provides admin methods common to indices and aliases     0.52
Elastic::Model::Role::Iterator A generic iterator role     0.52
Elastic::Model::Role::Model The role applied to your Model     0.52
Elastic::Model::Role::Results An iterator role for search results     0.52
Elastic::Model::Role::Store Elasticsearch backend for document read/write requests     0.52
Elastic::Model::Scope Keeps objects alive and connected     0.52
Elastic::Model::SearchBuilder An Elastic::Model specific subclass of ElasticSearch::SearchBuilder     0.52
Elastic::Model::Store A default implementation of the Elasticsearch backend     0.52
Elastic::Model::Trait::Exclude An internal use trait     0.52
Elastic::Model::Trait::Field Add Elasticsearch specific keywords to your attribute definitions.     0.52
Elastic::Model::TypeMap::Base A base class for all TypeMaps     0.52
Elastic::Model::TypeMap::Common Type maps for commonly used types     0.52
Elastic::Model::TypeMap::Default The default type map used by Elastic::Model     0.52
Elastic::Model::TypeMap::ES Type maps for ElasticSearch-specific types     0.52
Elastic::Model::TypeMap::Moose Type maps for core Moose types     0.52
Elastic::Model::TypeMap::Objects Type maps for objects and Moose classes     0.52
Elastic::Model::TypeMap::Structured Type maps for MooseX::Types::Structured     0.52
Elastic::Model::Types MooseX::Types for general and internal use     0.52
Elastic::Model::UID The Unique ID of a document in an Elasticsearch cluster     0.52
Elastic::Model::View Views to query your docs in Elasticsearch     0.52


Elastic::Manual What is Elastic::Model and how do I use it?  
Elastic::Manual::Analysis Controlling how your attributes are indexed  
Elastic::Manual::Attributes Fine-tuning how your attributes are indexed  
Elastic::Manual::Attributes::Unique Making attributes unique  
Elastic::Manual::Delta Important changes in Elastic::Model  
Elastic::Manual::Intro An introduction to Elastic::Model  
Elastic::Manual::NoSQL Differences between relational DBs and NoSQL document stores  
Elastic::Manual::QueryDSL How to use the Elasticsearch Query DSL  
Elastic::Manual::QueryDSL::Filters Overview of the filters available in Elasticsearch  
Elastic::Manual::QueryDSL::Nested Queries and filters for nested fields  
Elastic::Manual::QueryDSL::Queries Overview of the queries available in Elasticsearch  
Elastic::Manual::Reindex How to reindex your data from an old index to a new index  
Elastic::Manual::Scaling How to grow from a single node to a massive cluster  
Elastic::Manual::Scoping An optional in-memory cache, essential for keeping weak refs live  
Elastic::Manual::Searching Which search method to use with a View, and how to use the results.  
Elastic::Manual::Terminology Explanation of terminology and concepts