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Elive::StandardV3::Recording - Elluminate Recording instance class


This class is used to locate and access Elluminate Live recordings.


recordingId (Long)

The ELM-generated recordingId for the Elluminate Live! session recording.

roomStartDate (HiResDate)

The actual start date and time of the session when the recording was made.

roomEndDate (HiResDate)

The actual end date and time of the session when the recording was made.

recordingURL (Str)

The URL used to access the recording. This would be the result of calling the buildRecordingUrl command with the recordingId.

secureSignOn (Bool)

This parameter does not apply to ELM.

creationDate (HiResDate)

The date time in milliseconds UTC that the recording file was created. This is the time when the last attendee leaves and the session stops running, not necessarily the session's scheduled end time.

recordingSize (Int)

The size of the Elluminate Live! recording file in bytes.

roomName (Str)

The scheduled session's name at the time that the session was held. Case insensitive. 1 - 255 characters.

sessionId (Int)

The ELM-generated sessionId for the scheduled Elluminate Live! session. This will be 0 if the scheduled session has been deleted but the corresponding recording has not.



    my $recording_url = $recording->recording_url(user_id => 'bob');

Returns a URL for the recording. This provides authenthicated access for the given user.


    my $bobs_recordings = Elive::StandardV3::Recordings->(filter => {userId => 'bob'});

Returns an array of recording objects. You may filter on:

userId - Matched against chairList and nonChairList
groupingId - An Element from the groupingList
sessionId - Session identifier
creatorId - Session creator
startTime - Start of the search date/time range in milliseconds.
endTime - End of the search date/time range in milliseconds.
sessionName - The session name



Deletes recording content from the server and removes it from any associated sessions.

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