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Elive::StandardV3::SessionTelephony - Elluminate Session Telephony instance class


This class is used to setup telephony information for an existing session


sessionId (Int)

The identifier of the session.

chairPhone (Str)

The phone number for the session chair (also known as a session moderator) when the Elluminate Live! session is running.

chairPIN (Str)

The PIN for the chairPhone.

nonChairPhone (Str)

The phone number used by the session non-chair users (also known as a session participants). The information is for display purposes only in the Elluminate Live! session (so participants know what telephone number and PIN to use to connect to the teleconference).

nonChairPIN (Str)

The PIN for the nonChairPhone.

isPhone (Bool)

Used to indicate if the sessionSIPPhone field should be validated as a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) or phone number.

sessionSIPPhone (Str)

The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) or phone number used by the Elluminate Live! session. Sometimes referred to as the session bridge or teleconference bridge. For accepted phone number and SIP formats, see Notes About Session Telephony Validation on page 67.

sessionPIN (Str)

The PIN for the sessionSIPPhone.



    my $session_telephony = $session->telephony;

    my %telephony_data = (
        chairPhone => '(03) 5999 1234',
        chairPIN   => '6342',
        nonChairPhone => '(03) 5999 2234',
        nonChairPIN   => '7722',
        isPhone => '1',
        sessionSIPPhone => '(03) 6999 2222',
        sessionPIN => '1234',


Updates a session's telephony characteristics.

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