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This Release Exobrain-1.08  [Download] [Browse 29 Apr 2014
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Exobrain Automate your life with Exobrain     1.08
Exobrain::Agent Agent role for Exobrain agents     1.08
Exobrain::Agent::Action::BeeInbox Watch inbox and send low-water marks to beeminder     1.08
Exobrain::Agent::Action::GeoLog Log our own check-ins to a personal log (such as idonethis).     1.08
Exobrain::Agent::Action::Ping Automatically respond to any 'ping' tag sent to us.     1.08
Exobrain::Agent::Action::SendmailXP Reward users on HabitRPG for sending email.     1.08
Exobrain::Agent::Action::SimpleBeeHabit Update HabitRPG events from Beeminder     1.08
Exobrain::Agent::Action::SocialNotify Notify user of social events directed at them.     1.08
Exobrain::Agent::Depends Allow agents to declare run-time dependencies     1.08
Exobrain::Agent::Poll Role for exobrain sources which poll a source.     1.08
Exobrain::Agent::Run Role for agents which run 'continously'     1.08
Exobrain::Bus Connection to the Exobrain bus     1.08
Exobrain::Cache Cache class for Exobrain     1.08
Exobrain::Component Role used for component definitions.     1.08
Exobrain::Config Reads exobrain config     1.08
Exobrain::Intent Role for Exobrain intent packets     1.08
Exobrain::Intent::Notify Send a user notification via Exobrain     1.08
Exobrain::Intent::PersonalLog Signal an intent to record a personal log event     1.08
Exobrain::Intent::Response A generic class for responses to social media messages     1.08
Exobrain::Intent::SMS Send an SMS intent via Exobrain     1.08
Exobrain::Measurement::DirectMessage A direct message of any sort     1.08
Exobrain::Measurement::Geo Geo measurement packet for Exobrain     1.08
Exobrain::Measurement::Geo::POI Geo Point Of Interest class     1.08
Exobrain::Measurement::Mailbox Mailbox measurement packet     1.08
Exobrain::Measurement::Social Base class for all social media events     1.08
Exobrain::Message Top-level role for all exobrain messages     1.08
Exobrain::Message::Raw Raw, low-level access to Exobrain packets     1.08
Exobrain::Router Central hub for the exobrain bus     1.08
Exobrain::Test Establish test environment for Exobrain     1.08
Exobrain::Types Type system for Exobrain     1.08


beeminder-bounties Spot when beeminder are about to fail a meta-goal  
exobrain Exobrain cmdline tool and dispatcher  
geo-notify Send a notification every time we spot the user check-in.  
geo-sms Text people when you're in their area.  
imap Report IMAP folder sizes to exobrain  
inject Inject packets directly into the exobrain bus  
inject-done Log personal entries via Exobrain  
inject-todo Inject TODO packets directly onto the exobrain bus  
notify Send an exobrain notify intent from the cmdline  
pushover Send exobrain notify events to Pushover  
router Exobrain router. This *must* be running for exobrain to work  
rtm-adder Add TODO items to RememberTheMilk from twitter  
sms Send SMS from exobrain  
sms-broadcast Broadcast people in your area  

Other Files