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rrr-update - add a file to/delete a file from the dataset


  rrr-update [options] principalfile file



Inject a 'new' event.


Inject a 'delete' event.


Does nothing, only prints what it would do.


Set the epoch of the file to this value. Normally epoch is set to current time as a floating point value. This option can be used to inject old events that have been forgotten somehow. Triggers setting of the dirtymark of the whole dataset which means all slaves are forced to restart their mirroring activity.

Be aware that this is not only costly to downstream servers, it is also slow: it calls aggregate twice with force.


Prints a brief message and exits.


More feedback.


When you later discover missing files...

The principalfile argument is the path to local principal recentfile.

The file argument is a relative path calculated from the localroot directory of the recentfile object.

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