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Artistic The "Artistic License"
Changes Differences from previous version
Copying The GNU General Public License Filter::Crypto::* extensions common C code Filter::Crypto::* extensions common external subroutines
INSTALL Detailed installation instructions
LICENCE The Licence
Makefile.PL  [pod] Filter::Crypto makefile writer
MANIFEST This list of files
MANIFEST.SKIP Manifest skip specs
META.yml Distribution meta-data in YAML
README The Instructions
ppport.h Perl/Pollution/Portability header
CryptFile/CryptFile.xs Filter::Crypto::CryptFile extension external subroutines
CryptFile/Makefile.PL Filter::Crypto::CryptFile extension makefile writer
CryptFile/typemap Filter::Crypto::CryptFile extension interface types
CryptFile/fallback/ Filter::Crypto::CryptFile extension constants fallback file
CryptFile/fallback/ Filter::Crypto::CryptFile extension constants fallback file
CryptFile/lib/Filter/Crypto/  [pod] Filter::Crypto::CryptFile extension Perl module
Decrypt/Decrypt.xs Filter::Crypto::Decrypt extension external subroutines
Decrypt/Makefile.PL Filter::Crypto::Decrypt extension makefile writer
Decrypt/lib/Filter/Crypto/  [pod] Filter::Crypto::Decrypt extension Perl module
inc/Module/ Module::AutoInstall Perl module
inc/Module/ Module::Install Perl module
inc/Module/Install/ Module::Install::AutoInstall Perl module
inc/Module/Install/ Module::Install::Base Perl module
inc/Module/Install/ Module::Install::Can Perl module
inc/Module/Install/ Module::Install::Include Perl module
inc/Module/Install/ Module::Install::Makefile Perl module
inc/Module/Install/ Module::Install::MakeMaker Perl module
inc/Module/Install/ Module::Install::Metadata Perl module
inc/Module/Install/ Module::Install::PRIVATE Perl module
inc/Module/Install/ Module::Install::Scripts Perl module
inc/Module/Install/PRIVATE/Filter/ Module::Install::PRIVATE::Filter::Crypto Perl module
lib/Filter/  [pod] Filter::Crypto Perl module
lib/PAR/Filter/  [pod] PAR::Filter::Crypto Perl module
script/crypt_file  [pod] Perl script to encrypt (and decrypt) Perl modules
t/01_constants.t See if autoloading of constants works
t/02_function.t See if crypt_file() function (and decryption filter) works
t/03_script.t See if crypt_file script (and decryption filter) works
t/04_par.t See if PAR::Filter::Crypto module (and decryption filter) works
t/05_errstr.t See if $ErrStr variable works
t/06_pod.t See if POD is OK
t/ Manually see if crypt_file() function leaks
t/ Manually see if decryption filter leaks