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uf-params - list or dump the ScanParameters records in a Finnigan raw file


uf-params [options] file


  -header              extract the log header (record structure)
  -d[ump]              dump the requested feature showing file seek addresses
  -a[ll]               detailed dump of all field descriptors [requires: -d]
  -s[ize]              print record size [requires: -d]
  -n[unmber] <n:0+n>   extract the log entry number <n>
  -h[tml]              format as html
  -w[iki]              format as a wiki table
  -r[elative]          show relative addersess in the dump [requires: -d]
  <file>               input file [required]



Print a brief help message and exit.


Prints a table listing all fields in the requested object (a log entry or the file header), with their seek addresses, sizes, names and values. Individual entries can be selected with the -n[umber] option.


Gives the number of a single InstrumentLogRecord to extract


Format the dump output as an html table. When multiple entries are specified, each will be rendered in its own table


Format the dump output as a wiki table.


Show structure size in bytes (works with the -d[ump] option).


Show relative addresses of all itmes in the dump. The default is to show the absolute seek address. (works with the -d[ump] option)


Dump all GenericDataDescriptor entries in the file header (requires -header)


uf-params can be used to examine the ScanParameters? records in a Finnigan raw file. These records contain a miscellany of data pertaining to a single scan: ion injection time, retention time, charge state and M/z of the precursor ion, M/z conversion coefficients, and other data.




List all ScanParameters? records in the tabular form: <record number, label, value>
  uf-params sample.raw
Print the parameters record for the fifth scan:
  uf-params -n 5 sample.raw
Dump the fifth ScanParameters? record in wiki format with total size and relative addresses:
  uf-params -dswr -n 5 sample.raw
Print the contents of the stream header in the tabular form: <type, length, label>
  uf-params -header sample.raw
Dump the header in the compact wiki format, with a stringified GenericDataDescriptor list:
  uf-params -header -dw sample.raw
Dump the header in the extended wiki format, showing the location of echa GenericDataDescriptor's element:
  uf-params -header -daw sample.raw
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