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uf-tune - list or dump the instrument settings and calibration data from a Finnigan raw file


uf-tune [options] file


  -header              extract the tune header (record structure)
  -d[ump]              dump the requested feature showing file seek addresses
  -a[ll]               detailed dump of all field descriptors [requires: -d]
  -s[ize]              print object size [requires: -d]
  -h[tml]              format as html
  -w[iki]              format as a wiki table
  -r[elative]          show relative addersess in the dump [requires: -d]
  <file>               input file [required]



Print a brief help message and exit.


Prints a table listing all fields in the requested object (a tune file or its header), with their seek addresses, sizes, names and values. Individual entries can be selected with the -n[umber] option.


Format the dump output as an html table. When multiple entries are specified, each will be rendered in its own table


Format the dump output as a wiki table.


Show structure size in bytes (works with the -d[ump] option).


Show relative addresses of all elements in the dump. The default is to show the absolute seek address. (works with the -d[ump] option)


Dump all GenericDataDescriptor entries in the file header (requires -header)


uf-tune can be used to examine the embedded tune file, either by listing its entries (which were intended for human consumption), or by dumping the details of its encoding.





List all tune file entries in the tabular form: <label, value>
  uf-tune sample.raw 
Dump the tune file contents in wiki format with total size and relative addresses:
  uf-tune -dswr sample.raw
Print the contents of the tune file header in the tabular form: <type, length, label>
  uf-tune -header sample.raw
Dump the header in the compact wiki format, with a stringified GenericDataDescriptor list:
  uf-tune -header -dw sample.raw
Dump the header in the extended wiki format, showing the location of echa GenericDataDescriptor's element:
  uf-tune -header -daw sample.raw
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