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Jay Kuri > Form-Sensible


This Release Form-Sensible-0.20023  [Download] [Browse 05 Feb 2012
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Form::Sensible A sensible way to handle form based user interface     0.20023
Form::Sensible::DelegateConnection Represents a connection between one object and another      
Form::Sensible::Field Field base class for Form::Sensible      
Form::Sensible::Field::DateTime A DateTime field type.      
Form::Sensible::Field::FileSelector Field used for file selection      
Form::Sensible::Field::LongText Field for representing large amounts of character-string data.      
Form::Sensible::Field::Number A Numeric field type.      
Form::Sensible::Field::Select A multiple-choice option field      
Form::Sensible::Field::SubForm encapsulate an entire form within another.      
Form::Sensible::Field::Text Field for representing character-strings      
Form::Sensible::Field::Toggle An on/off field      
Form::Sensible::Field::Trigger A Trigger for user activity      
Form::Sensible::Form Form::Sensible's Form class      
Form::Sensible::Reflector A base class for writing Form::Sensible reflectors.     0.01
Form::Sensible::Renderer Base class for Renderers.      
Form::Sensible::Renderer::HTML an HTML based Form renderer      
Form::Sensible::Renderer::HTML::RenderedForm A rendered form handle for HTML      
Form::Sensible::Validator Default Validator for Form::Sensible forms      
Form::Sensible::Validator::Result Validation results for a given form.      


Form::Sensible::Delegation Understanding Form::Sensible's Delegation model  
Form::Sensible::FAQ Answers to questions about how to use Form::Sensible  
Form::Sensible::Overview Getting started with Form::Sensible