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Name ^

Forward::Guides::Routes::Resources - Rails like resource routing for Plack web framework developers (Perl)

Plural Resources ^

Forward::Routes provides support for Rails like resource routing. The add_resources command generates a bunch of routes that can be used to dispatch to a controller's read, create, update and delete actions and to display CRUD related forms. Framework builders are responsible to load the respective controller classes and to execute the desired controller method. Forward::Routes just generates the routes and in case of a match, provides a match object with the needed controller and action parameters.

    # Routes root object
    my $routes = Forward::Routes->new;

    # Add a resource

    # The following routes are generated:

    HTTP     Path                 Controller  Action        Route name
    request                       parameter   parameter

    GET      /cities/new          Cities      create_form   cities_create_form
    GET      /cities/:id          Cities      show          cities_show
    GET      /cities/:id/edit     Cities      update_form   cities_update_form
    GET      /cities/:id/delete   Cities      delete_form   cities_delete_form
    GET      /cities              Cities      index         cities_index
    POST     /cities              Cities      create        cities_create
    PUT      /cities/:id          Cities      update        cities_update
    DELETE   /cities/:id          Cities      delete        cities_delete

Each generated route will usually dispatch to a specific method (see action parameter above) which is used to:

    Action (method)       Used to

    create_form           display a form to create a new item
    show                  display an individual item
    update_form           display a form to update an existing item
    delete_form           display a form to confirm the deletion of an existing item
    index                 list all items
    create                create a new item
    update                update an existing item
    delete                delete an existing item

Multiple resources can be created with a single add_resources call:

    # Add multiple resources
    $routes->add_resources('cities', 'users', 'articles');

    # equals

Singular Resources ^

Forward::Routes also supports singular resource routing. Singular resources are useful if the "id" is already known and has not to be part of the URL pattern. For example, the id might already be part of a higher level route (in case of nested routes) or could be derived from a cookie.

    # Routes root object
    my $routes = Forward::Routes->new;

    my $author = $routes->add_route('author/:id');

    # Add a singular resource to $author

    # The following routes are generated on top of author/:id:

    HTTP     Path            Controller  Action        Route name
    request                  parameter   parameter

    GET      /contact/new    Contact     create_form   contact_create_form
    GET      /contact/edit   Contact     update_form   contact_update_form
    GET      /contact        Contact     show          contact_show
    PUT      /contact        Contact     update        contact_update
    POST     /contact        Contact     create        contact_create
    DELETE   /contact        Contact     delete        contact_delete

Customization ^

Resource routing is quite flexible and offers many customization options:


Taking a look at the source ^

The internal code to generate a resource makes use of nested routes:

    my $resource = $routes->add_route('cities');

    # get => /cities

    # post => /cities

    # get => /cities/new

    # nested route with id placeholder, placeholder can contain everything
    # but dots and slashed (constraint)
    my $nested = $resource->add_route(':id')
      ->constraints('id' => qr/[^.\/]+/);

    # get => /cities/paris

    # put => /cities/paris

    # delete => /cities/paris

    # get => /cities/paris/edit

    # get => /cities/paris/delete
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