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This Release Games-NES-Emulator-0.03  [Download] [Browse 13 Aug 2007
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


CPU::Emulator::6502 Class representing a 6502 CPU      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Addressing Handle different addressing rules      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::ADC Add memory to accumulator with carry      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::AND Logical AND memory with accumulator      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::ASL Shift left      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::BCC Branch on carry clear      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::BCS Branch on carry set      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::BEQ Branch on result zero      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::BIT Bit test      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::BMI Branch on result minus      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::BNE Branch on result not zero      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::BPL Branch on result plus      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::BRK Force break      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::BVC Branch on overflow clear      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::BVS Branch on overflow set      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::CLC Clear the carry flag      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::CLD Clear decimal mode      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::CLI Clear the interrupt disable bit      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::CLV Clear overflow flag      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::CMP Compare accumulator      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::CPX Compare the X register      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::CPY Compare the Y register      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::DEC Decrement by one      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::DEX Decrement the X register      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::DEY Decrement the Y register      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::EOR Exclusive OR memory with accumulator      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::INC Increment by one      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::INX Increment the X registers      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::INY Increment the Y registers      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::JMP Jump      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::JSR Jump and save the return address      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::LDA Load accumulator from memory      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::LDX Load X register from memory      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::LDY Load Y register from memory      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::LSR Shift right      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::NOP No operation      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::ORA Logical OR memory with accumulator      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::PHA Push accumulator on the stack      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::PHP Push processor status on the stack      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::PLA Pull accumulator from the stack      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::PLP Pull processor status from the stack      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::ROL Rotate left through carry      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::ROR Rotate right through carry      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::RTI Return from BRK/IRQ/NMI      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::RTS Return from subroutine      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::SBC Subtract memory from accumulator with borrow      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::SEC Set the carry flag      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::SED Set decimal mode      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::SEI Set the interrupt disable bit      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::STA Store accumulator in memory      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::STX Store the X register in memory      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::STY Store the Y register in memory      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::TAX Transfer the accumulator to the X register      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::TAY Transfer the accumulator to the Y register      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::TSX Transfer the stack pointer to the X register      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::TXA Transfer the X register to the accumulator      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::TXS Transfer the X register to the stack pointer      
CPU::Emulator::6502::Op::TYA Transfer the Y register to the accumulator      
Games::NES::Emulator An object-oriented NES (6502) emulator     0.03
Games::NES::Emulator::APU NES Audio Processing Unit      
Games::NES::Emulator::CPU NES Central Processing Unit      
Games::NES::Emulator::Input NES Controller      
Games::NES::Emulator::Mapper Base class for mappers      
Games::NES::Emulator::Mappers::Mapper0 Mapper 0      
Games::NES::Emulator::PPU NES Picture Processing Unit      
Games::NES::Emulator::PPU::Memory NES VRAM