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This Release Games-Solitaire-Verify-0.1800  [Download] [Browse 01 May 2018
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License The MIT (X11) License
Special Files


Games::Solitaire::Verify verify solutions for solitaire games.     0.1800
Games::Solitaire::Verify::App::CmdLine a module implementing a standalone command line app for verifying the solutions of Solitaire games.     0.1800
Games::Solitaire::Verify::App::CmdLine::Expand a modulino for expanding multi-card moves.     0.1800
Games::Solitaire::Verify::App::CmdLine::From_Patsolve a modulino for converting from patsolve solutions to fc-solve ones.     0.1800
Games::Solitaire::Verify::Base a base class.     0.1800
Games::Solitaire::Verify::Card a class wrapper for an individual Solitaire card.     0.1800
Games::Solitaire::Verify::Column a class wrapper for Solitaire columns that are composed of a sequence of cards.     0.1800
Games::Solitaire::Verify::Exception provides various exception classes for G::S::Verify.     0.1800
Games::Solitaire::Verify::Foundations a class for representing the foundations (or home-cells) in a Solitaire game.     0.1800
Games::Solitaire::Verify::Freecells a class for representing the Freecells in games such as Freecell, Baker's Game, or Seahaven Towers     0.1800
Games::Solitaire::Verify::KlondikeTalon a class for representing the talon of Klondike-like games.     0.1800
Games::Solitaire::Verify::Move a class wrapper for an individual Solitaire move.     0.1800
Games::Solitaire::Verify::Solution verify an entire solution of Freecell Solver (or a similar solve)     0.1800
Games::Solitaire::Verify::Solution::Base common base class for all Games::Solitaire::Verify::Solution::* classes.     0.1800
Games::Solitaire::Verify::Solution::ExpandMultiCardMoves expand the moves in a solution from multi-card moves into individual single-card moves.     0.1800
Games::Solitaire::Verify::Solution::ExpandMultiCardMoves::Lax faster and laxer expansion.     0.1800
Games::Solitaire::Verify::State a class for Solitaire states (or positions) of the entire board.     0.1800
Games::Solitaire::Verify::State::LaxParser a class for Solitaire states (or positions) of the entire board.     0.1800
Games::Solitaire::Verify::VariantParams a class for holding the parameters of the variant.     0.1800
Games::Solitaire::Verify::VariantsMap a mapping from the variants to their parameters.     0.1800


convert-patsolve-to-fc-solve-solution A command-line tool for converting patsolve solutions to Freecell Solver's.  
expand-solitaire-multi-cards-moves a command-line tool for expanding multi-card moves.  
verify-solitaire-solution A command-line tool for verifying solitaire solutions.