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This Release Games-Tournament-Swiss-0.21  [Download] [Browse 08 Jan 2016
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Games::Tournament Contestant Pairing     0.21
Games::Tournament::Card A record of the results of a match     0.21
Games::Tournament::Contestant A competitor matched with others over a series of rounds     0.21
Games::Tournament::Contestant::Swiss A competitor in a FIDE-Swiss-Rules event     0.21
Games::Tournament::Contestant::Swiss::Preference A competitor's right to a role.     0.21
Games::Tournament::Swiss FIDE Swiss Same-Rank Contestant Pairing     0.21
Games::Tournament::Swiss::Bracket Players with same/similar scores pairable with each other     0.21
Games::Tournament::Swiss::Config Swiss Competition Configuration     0.21
Games::Tournament::Swiss::Procedure A wrapper around a swiss pairing algorithm     0.21
Games::Tournament::Swiss::Procedure::Dummy A brain-dead pairing algorithm     0.21
Games::Tournament::Swiss::Procedure::FIDE FIDE Swiss Rules Based on Rating 04.1     0.21


crosstable The results of players against their opponents  
markCards Mark cards with results of matches  
pair Pair players for the next round of a swiss tournament  
pairingtable Show player scoregroups for next round of swiss tournament  
pairstately Pair players for the next round of a swiss tournament  
pairtable2yaml Create YAML version of pairing table  
pairyaml2txt Convert a pairingtable in YAML format into readable text  
rematch Edit pairings after the fact