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SYNOPSIS ^ <file containing decoded BUFR message(s)>
       [--outfile <file to print encoded BUFR message(s) to>]
       [--width n]
       [--strict_checking n]
       [--tablepath <path to BUFR tables>]
       [--verbose n]


Encode BUFR messages from a file containing decoded BUFR messages from (possibly edited). Prints to STDOUT unless option --outfile is used.

Execute without arguments for Usage, with option --help for some additional info.

OPTIONS ^ will create BUFR message(s) printed to STDOUT from contents of input file, which should match exactly what you would get by running on the final BUFR message(s).

Normal use: bufr.decoded > reencoded.bufr

after first having done 'BUFR file' > bufr.decoded
     Edit file bufr.decoded as desired

Options (may be abbreviated, e.g. --h or -h for --help):

   --outfile <filename>  Will print encoded BUFR messages to <filename>
                         instead of STDOUT
   --width n             The decoded message(s) was created by using
                with option --width n
   --strict_checking n   n=0 Disable strict checking of BUFR format
                         n=1 Issue warning if (recoverable) error in
                             BUFR format
                         n=2 (default) Croak if (recoverable) error in BUFR format.
                             Nothing more in this message will be encoded.
   --verbose n           Set verbose level to n, 0<=n<=6 (default 0).
                         Verbose output is sent to STDOUT, so ought to
                         be combined with option --outfile
   --tablepath <path to BUFR tables>
                         If used, will set path to BUFR tables. If not set,
                         will fetch tables from the environment variable
                         BUFR_TABLES, or if this is not set: will use
                         DEFAULT_TABLE_PATH hard coded in source code.
   --help                Display Usage and explain the options used. Almost
                         the same as consulting perldoc


'Optional section present' in section 1 of BUFR message will always be set to 0, as reencode_message in Geo::BUFR does not provide encoding of section 2. A warning will be printed to STDERR if 'Optional section present' originally was 1.


Pål Sannes <>


Copyright (C) 2010-2016 MET Norway

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