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This Release Git-Wrapper-Plus-0.004011  [Download] [Browse 06 Mar 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Git::Wrapper::Plus A Toolkit for working with Git::Wrapper in an Object Oriented Way.     0.004011
Git::Wrapper::Plus::Branches Extract branches from Git     0.004011
Git::Wrapper::Plus::Ref An Abstract REF node     0.004011
Git::Wrapper::Plus::Ref::Branch A Branch object     0.004011
Git::Wrapper::Plus::Ref::Tag A single tag object     0.004011
Git::Wrapper::Plus::Refs Work with refs     0.004011
Git::Wrapper::Plus::Support Determine what versions of things support what     0.004011
Git::Wrapper::Plus::Support::Arguments Database of command argument support data     0.004011
Git::Wrapper::Plus::Support::Behaviors Database of Git Behavior Support     0.004011
Git::Wrapper::Plus::Support::Commands Database of command support data     0.004011
Git::Wrapper::Plus::Support::Range A record describing a range of supported versions     0.004011
Git::Wrapper::Plus::Support::RangeDictionary A key -> range list mapping for support features     0.004011
Git::Wrapper::Plus::Support::RangeSet A set of ranges of supported things     0.004011
Git::Wrapper::Plus::Tags Extract all tags from a repository     0.004011
Git::Wrapper::Plus::Tester Utility for testing things with a git repository     0.004011
Git::Wrapper::Plus::Util Misc plumbing tools for Git::Wrapper::Plus     0.004011
Git::Wrapper::Plus::Versions Analyze and compare git versions     0.004011