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Changes - List of significant changes to GoferTransport-http

As of $Date: 2007-03-23 13:48:54 +0000 (Fri, 23 Mar 2007) $

$Revision: 11766 $

Changes in 1.017 (svn rev 11766), 12th September 2008

  Fixed a memory leak in mod_perl2 by avoiding $r->push_handlers().

Changes in 1.016 (svn rev 11760), 10th September 2008

  Enabled use of http persistent-connections by default
    which give significant performance boost by reducing latency.
  Allow build to continue even if mod_perl can't be found.
  Client now warns when retring request afer receiving a 503.
  Documented some env vars that influence retry-on-503 behaviour.

Changes in 1.015 (svn rev 11432), 16th June 2008

  Requires DBI 1.605

  Add retry with delay with exponential backoff on 503 error.
  Now check_response_hook can throw an exception hash/object
    which can control how the httpd responds to the error.
  Check Client_ip and X-Forwarded-For headers to get client ip address.
  Added set of gofer_request & gofer_response pnotes for handlers.

  Moved update_stats() call to PerlCleanupHandler.
  Improved handling of corrupt requests.
  Status now shows distribution of requests per IP address.
  Status now marks and reports duplicate requests.
  Status can now optionally show recent errors.
  Record severe transport errors via update_stats so they can be seen remotely via trace_recent.
  More detailed status reports from track_recent data.

Changes in 1.014 (svn rev 10068), 10th October 2007

  Added DBD_GOFER_RETRY_ON_EMPTY mechanism to work around problems
    with some load balancer configurations.

Changes in 1.012 (svn rev 9867), 22nd August 2007

  Fixed for mod_perl2, better.
  Support GET requests with ?req=<base64 encoded Storable request>
  Added 'replay' urls to the gofer status reports.
  Added a little more support for multiple serializations.

Changes in 1.011 (svn rev 9805), 26th July 2007

  Fix for mod_perl2

Changes in 1.0.0

  Initial release.
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