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This Release Goo-0.09  [Download] [Browse 03 Dec 2005
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Special Files


Goo Stick Things together with The Goo    0.09
Goo::Action A Goo action     
Goo::BackLinkFinder Find all the backlinks for a given "Thing"     
Goo::BackLinkManager Display the backlinks for a given "Thing"     
Goo::CareOMeter Show an ordered list of Things you care about     
Goo::CommandLineManager Manage command line parameters     
Goo::CompressWhitespace Remove excess whitespace     
Goo::ConfigFile Parse and load .goo files. Based loosely on .ini files.     
Goo::Database Interface to a MySQL database via DBI     
Goo::DatabaseInfo Simple access to the database schema     
Goo::DatabaseObject Bridge between relational and OO model     
Goo::DatabaseProfileOption Store individual options in the profile     
Goo::DatabaseThing A "Thing" that is found in the database.     
Goo::DatabaseThing::Deleter Delete a row from a database table     
Goo::DatabaseThing::Editor Edit a row in a database table     
Goo::DatabaseThing::Maker Make a new row in a database table     
Goo::DatabaseThing::Profiler Show a profile of a database Thing     
Goo::Date Date handling functions     
Goo::Differ Take the diff!     
Goo::Editor Call an external editor like vi or nano to edit a file.     
Goo::Emailer Replace tokens in a file or a string and send an email     
Goo::Environment Provide details about the environment The Goo is running in     
Goo::Exiter Exit from The Goo     
Goo::FileThing A "Thing" that is found in the filesystem and has a location     
Goo::FileThing::Cloner Simply clone one file to another     
Goo::FileThing::Deleter Delete a file     
Goo::FileUtilities General file handling utilities     
Goo::Grepper Grep all the files in a directory for a pattern     
Goo::Header Show a consistent style of text header for The Goo     
Goo::JumpManager Jump to a specific line, string or another Thing     
Goo::JumpProfileOption Handle simple Jumps to matching strings for example     
Goo::List Utility functions for handling lists     
Goo::Lister Load a whole list of Things in one go     
Goo::LiteDatabase Drive an SQLite database     
Goo::Loader Load a Thing from Goo space     
Goo::Logger Write a message to the log     
Goo::Object Super object that holds convenience methods.     
Goo::OptionIndexTable Take a hash of options and turn into a table of text     
Goo::Perl5ModuleMaker Command line utility for making Perl5 module skeletons faster     
Goo::Perl6ModuleMaker Command line utility for making Perl6 module skeletons faster     
Goo::PerlCoder Manipulate Perl programs just like a real programmer.     
Goo::Profile Show a profile for a Thing     
Goo::ProfileOption Store individual options in the profile     
Goo::Prompter Prompt the user for info.     
Goo::Shell Create a GooShell The Goo>     
Goo::ShellCommander Run a command in the shell     
Goo::SimpleEmailer Replace tokens in a file or a string and send an email     
Goo::TabConverter Convert tab characters to four spaces     
Goo::TableInfo Provide meta details about MySQL tables     
Goo::TeamManager Model the Team: who? what? why? where? how?     
Goo::Template Replace special tokens in a file or a string     
Goo::TemplateProfileOption Store individual options in the profile     
Goo::TestMaker Analyse program source and make test stubs add to the     
Goo::TextEditor Run Nano, or your favourite editor     
Goo::TextTable Create a simple fixed-width text table     
Goo::TextUtilities Miscellaneous utilities for handling text     
Goo::ThereDocManager Process very simple ThereDocs --- looking for Things!     
Goo::Thing A "Thing" in your working environment that you can do actions to     
Goo::Thing::bug::Fixer Fix a bug     
Goo::Thing::bug::Lister List all the bugs     
Goo::Thing::bug::Maker What?? something that *makes* bugs!!     
Goo::Thing::conf::ConfigProfiler Profile a config file     
Goo::Thing::gml::Profiler Create a synopsis of a Goo Markup Language (GML) Thing     
Goo::Thing::gml::Reader Read a Goo Markup Language (GML) Thing     
Goo::Thing::gml::Writer Write a Goo Markup Language (GML) Thing     
Goo::Thing::goo::Maker Make a new Thing by creating a .goo configuration file     
Goo::Thing::log::Profiler Show a profile of the log     
Goo::Thing::pl::ScriptMaker Command line utility for making scripts faster     
Goo::Thing::pm::Adder Add stuff to a Perl program     
Goo::Thing::pm::Compiler Compile a Perl program     
Goo::Thing::pm::Editor Edit a program interactively as fast as possible     
Goo::Thing::pm::ExecDocManager Like ThereDocs except they execute inline     
Goo::Thing::pm::Maker Command line utility for making module skeletons faster     
Goo::Thing::pm::Method Object for modelling methods     
Goo::Thing::pm::MethodMaker Create a method body     
Goo::Thing::pm::MethodMatcher Match a method in a string     
Goo::Thing::pm::MethodProfileOption Store individual options in the profile     
Goo::Thing::pm::PackageProfileOption Store individual options in the profile     
Goo::Thing::pm::Perl5 Model Perl5 reserved words     
Goo::Thing::pm::Perl5Adder Add stuff to a Perl5 program     
Goo::Thing::pm::Perl5Compiler Compile a Perl program     
Goo::Thing::pm::Perl5Editor Edit a Perl5 Program using your favourite editor (e.g., vi, vim, nano)     
Goo::Thing::pm::Perl5ModuleInspector Inspect the DOM of a Perl5 module     
Goo::Thing::pm::Perl5Profiler Create a synopsis of a Perl5 program     
Goo::Thing::pm::Perl5Runner Run a Perl5 program     
Goo::Thing::pm::Perl5ThereDocManager Process ThereDocs embedded in Perl5 programs     
Goo::Thing::pm::Perl6Adder Add stuff to a Perl6 program     
Goo::Thing::pm::Perl6Compiler Compile a Perl6 program     
Goo::Thing::pm::Perl6Editor Not implemented yet.     
Goo::Thing::pm::Perl6ModuleInspector Generate documentation on a perl file based on documentation     
Goo::Thing::pm::Perl6Profiler Create a synopsis of a program / module / script     
Goo::Thing::pm::Perl6Runner Run a Perl program     
Goo::Thing::pm::PerlTidyManager Tidy up a Perl program using PerlTidy     
Goo::Thing::pm::Profiler Show a profile of a Perl program     
Goo::Thing::pm::ProgramCloner Clone a program and generate a test stub     
Goo::Thing::pm::ProgramDeleter Delete stuff from a program     
Goo::Thing::pm::Runner Run a Perl program     
Goo::Thing::pm::ScopeMatcher Extract the matching scope out of a program     
Goo::Thing::pm::ThereDocManager Process ThereDocs embedded Perl modules     
Goo::Thing::pm::TypeChecker What type of pm file is this? Perl6? Perl5?     
Goo::Thing::task::Finisher Finish a task     
Goo::Thing::task::Maker Make a task module     
Goo::Thing::tpm::Tester Test things.     
Goo::ThingFinder Find all the "Things" in a string     
Goo::ThingProfileOption Store individual options in the profile     
Goo::TrailGoBack Jump backwards in the Goo Trail     
Goo::TrailGoBackOne Jump backwards one step in the Goo Trail     
Goo::TrailGoForward Jump forwards in the Goo Trail     
Goo::TrailManager Manage a Trail of Goo Actions - Memex style.     
Goo::TrailProfiler Show a Trail of Things the programmer has been working on     
Goo::TypeManager Manage all the different types of Things in The Goo     
Goo::WebDBLite This provides a Lite interface to XMLish Things     
Goo::Zone Show the tail of the Goo trail     
JSFunctionProfileOption Handle simple Jumps to matching strings for example     
JavascriptProfiler Create a synopsis of a program / module / script     
Profiler Show a synopsis of a Thing     
TabAwareEditor Use the TabConverter to fix characters     
TaskLister Show a list of Tasks     
TestLoader Load a test from disk to run     
TestRunner Run test scripts     
TypeLessTranslator Experimental module. It translates "typeless" text to full code. It's like writing abbreviate sms txt for Perl code.     


Goo::FileFinder Go looking for files 
Goo::Thing::task::Editor Edit a task Add a new task to the goo database Add a new task to the goo database Show a list of tasks 

Other Files