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This Release Google-Adwords-v1.14  [Download] [Browse 24 Jul 2009
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Google::Adwords an interface which abstracts the Google Adwords SOAP API     1.14.0
Google::Adwords::AccountInfo A Google Adwords AccountInfo object.     0.2.0
Google::Adwords::AccountService Interact with the Google Adwords AccountService API calls     0.4.0
Google::Adwords::Ad A Google Adwords Ad object.     0.0.1
Google::Adwords::AdGroup A Google Adwords AdGroup Object     0.2.0
Google::Adwords::AdGroupEstimate A Google Adwords AdGroupEstimate Object      
Google::Adwords::AdGroupRequest A Google Adwords AdGroupRequest Object      
Google::Adwords::AdGroupService Interact with the Google Adwords AdGroupService API calls     0.2.0
Google::Adwords::AdSchedule A Google Adwords AdSchedule object.     0.0.1
Google::Adwords::AdService Interact with the Google Adwords AdService API calls     0.6.0
Google::Adwords::Address A Google Adwords Address object.     0.0.1
Google::Adwords::ApiError Represents the details of a user error.     0.1.0
Google::Adwords::ApiException     0.0.1
Google::Adwords::BudgetOptimizerSettings A Google Adwords BudgetOptimizerSettings Object     0.0.1
Google::Adwords::Business A Google Adwords Business object.     0.0.1
Google::Adwords::Campaign A Google Adwords Campaign Object     0.4.0
Google::Adwords::CampaignEstimate A Google Adwords CampaignEstimate Object      
Google::Adwords::CampaignRequest A Google Adwords CampaignRequest Object      
Google::Adwords::CampaignService Interface to the Google Adwords CampaignService API calls     0.11.0
Google::Adwords::Circle     0.1.0
Google::Adwords::CityTargets Contains city targets     0.0.1
Google::Adwords::ClientUsageRecord A Google Adwords ClientUsageRecord object.     0.0.1
Google::Adwords::ConversionOptimizerSettings A Google Adwords ConversionOptimizerSettings Object     0.1.0
Google::Adwords::CountryTargets Contains country targets     0.0.1
Google::Adwords::CoverageType A Google Adwords CoverageType object.     0.0.1
Google::Adwords::CreditCard A Google Adwords CreditCard object.     0.0.1
Google::Adwords::Criterion A Google Adwords Criterion object.     0.3.0
Google::Adwords::CriterionService Interact with the Google Adwords CriterionService API calls     0.5.0
Google::Adwords::Data Base class for the Data modules     0.2.0
Google::Adwords::EmailPromotionsPreferences A Google Adwords EmailPromotionsPreferences object     0.2.0
Google::Adwords::GeoTarget GeoTargeting options     0.0.1
Google::Adwords::Image A Google Adwords Image object.     0.0.1
Google::Adwords::InfoService Interact with the Google Adwords InfoService API calls     0.2.0
Google::Adwords::KeywordEstimate A Google Adwords KeywordEstimate Object      
Google::Adwords::KeywordRequest A Google Adwords KeywordRequest Object      
Google::Adwords::KeywordToolService Interact with the Google Adwords KeywordToolService API calls     0.2.0
Google::Adwords::KeywordVariation A Google Adwords KeywordVariation Object     0.0.1
Google::Adwords::KeywordVariations A Google Adwords KeywordVariations Object     0.0.1
Google::Adwords::LanguageTarget     0.1.0
Google::Adwords::MccAlert A Google Adwords MccAlert object.     0.1.0
Google::Adwords::MetroTargets Contains metro targets     0.0.1
Google::Adwords::NetworkTarget     0.1.0
Google::Adwords::ProximityTargets     0.1.0
Google::Adwords::RegionTargets Contains region targets     0.0.1
Google::Adwords::ReportJob A Google Adwords ReportJob Object      
Google::Adwords::ReportService Interact with the Google Adwords ReportService API calls     0.2.0
Google::Adwords::SchedulingInterval A Google Adwords SchedulingInterval object.     0.0.1
Google::Adwords::SeedKeyword A Google Adwords SeedKeyword Object     0.0.1
Google::Adwords::Service Base class for the Service modules     0.16.0
Google::Adwords::SiteKeyword A Google Adwords SiteKeyword Object     0.0.1
Google::Adwords::SiteKeywordGroups A Google Adwords SiteKeywordGroups Object     0.0.1
Google::Adwords::StatsRecord A Google Adwords StatsRecord Object      
Google::Adwords::TrafficEstimatorService Interact with the Google Adwords TrafficEstimatorService API calls     0.1.2


Google::Adwords::Creative A Google Adwords Creative object.