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Kevin Ryde > Gtk2-Ex-WidgetBits-48


This Release Gtk2-Ex-WidgetBits-48  [Download] [Browse 26 Oct 2012
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License The GNU General Public License, Version not specified
Special Files


Gtk2::Ex::ActionTooltips propagate Action tooltips to MenuItems     48
Gtk2::Ex::AdjustmentBits helpers for Gtk2::Adjustment objects     48
Gtk2::Ex::ContainerBits helpers for Gtk2::Container widgets     48
Gtk2::Ex::EntryBits misc functions for Gtk2::Entry widgets     48
Gtk2::Ex::FreezeChildNotify freeze Gtk child property notifies in scope guard style     48
Gtk2::Ex::GdkBits miscellaneous Gdk helpers     48
Gtk2::Ex::KeySnooper keyboard snooper as object     48
Gtk2::Ex::LayoutBits misc Gtk2::Layout helpers     48
Gtk2::Ex::MenuBits miscellaneous Gtk2::Menu helpers     48
Gtk2::Ex::MenuItem::Subclass help for subclassing Gtk2::MenuItem     48
Gtk2::Ex::PixbufBits misc Gtk2::Gdk::Pixbuf helpers     48
Gtk2::Ex::Statusbar::DynamicContext pool of Gtk2::Statusbar context strings     48
Gtk2::Ex::Statusbar::Message message displayed in a Statusbar     48
Gtk2::Ex::Statusbar::MessageUntilKey Statusbar message until key or button     48
Gtk2::Ex::SyncCall server sync callback     48
Gtk2::Ex::TableBits helpers for Gtk2::Table widgets     48
Gtk2::Ex::TextBufferBits helpers for Gtk2::TextBuffer objects     48
Gtk2::Ex::ToolItem::CheckButton toolitem with CheckButton     48
Gtk2::Ex::ToolItem::OverflowToDialog toolitem overflowing to a dialog     48
Gtk2::Ex::ToolItem::OverflowToDialog::Dialog toolitem overflow dialog     48
Gtk2::Ex::ToolbarBits helpers for Gtk2::Toolbar objects     48
Gtk2::Ex::TreeModel::ImplBits miscellaneous helpers for TreeModel implementations     48
Gtk2::Ex::TreeModelBits miscellaneous TreeModel helpers     48
Gtk2::Ex::TreeModelFilter::Change change-rows mix-in for TreeModelFilter subclasses     48
Gtk2::Ex::TreeViewBits various helpers for Gtk2::TreeView     48
Gtk2::Ex::Units widget sizes in various units     48
Gtk2::Ex::WidgetBits miscellaneous Gtk widget helpers     48
Gtk2::Ex::WidgetEvents event mask merging for widgets     48
Test::Weaken::Gtk2 Gtk2 helpers for Test::Weaken     48
Test::Without::Gtk2Things disable selected Gtk2 methods for testing     48