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This Release Gungho-0.09008  [Download] [Browse 28 Jul 2008
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Gungho Yet Another High Performance Web Crawler Framework     0.09008
Gungho::Base Base Class For Various Gungho Objects      
Gungho::Base::Class Base For Classes That Won't Be Instantiated      
Gungho::Component Component Base Class For Gungho      
Gungho::Component::Authentication Base Class For WWW Authentication      
Gungho::Component::Authentication::Basic Add Basic Auth To Gungho      
Gungho::Component::BlockPrivateIP Block Requests With Private IP Address      
Gungho::Component::Cache Use Cache In Your App      
Gungho::Component::Core Gungho Core Methods      
Gungho::Component::RobotRules Respect robots.txt      
Gungho::Component::RobotRules::Rule A Rule Object      
Gungho::Component::RobotRules::Storage RobotRules Storage Base Class      
Gungho::Component::RobotRules::Storage::Cache Cache Storage For RobotRules      
Gungho::Component::RobotRules::Storage::DB_File DB_File Storage For RobotRules      
Gungho::Component::RobotsMETA Automatically Parse Robots META      
Gungho::Component::Scraper Web::Scraper From Within Gungho      
Gungho::Component::Setup Routines To Setup Gungho      
Gungho::Component::Throttle Base Class To Throttle Requests      
Gungho::Component::Throttle::Domain Throttle By Domain      
Gungho::Component::Throttle::Provider Throttle Calls To The Provider      
Gungho::Component::Throttle::Simple Throttle By Number Of Requests      
Gungho::Component::Throttle::Throttler Data::Throttler Based Throttling      
Gungho::Engine Base Class For Gungho Engine      
Gungho::Engine::Danga::Socket Gungho Engine Using Danga::Socket      
Gungho::Engine::IO::Async IO::Async Engine      
Gungho::Engine::POE POE Engine For Gungho      
Gungho::Exception Gungho Exceptions      
Gungho::Handler Base Class For Gungho Handlers      
Gungho::Handler::FileWriter::Simple Write Out Fetched Contents To File      
Gungho::Handler::Inline Inline Handler      
Gungho::Handler::Null A Handler That Does Nothing      
Gungho::Inline Inline Your Providers And Handlers (Deprecated)      
Gungho::Log Log Base Class For Gungho      
Gungho::Log::Dispatch Log::Dispatch-Based Log For Gungho      
Gungho::Log::Simple Simple Gungho Log Class      
Gungho::Plugin Gungho Plugin Base Class      
Gungho::Plugin::Apoptosis Stop Execution In Long-Running Processes      
Gungho::Plugin::RequestLog Log Requests      
Gungho::Plugin::RequestTimer Keep Track Of Time To Finish Request      
Gungho::Plugin::Statistics Gather Crawler Statistics      
Gungho::Plugin::Statistics::Format::XML Format Statistics As XML      
Gungho::Provider Base Class For Gungho Prividers      
Gungho::Provider::File::Simple Provide Requests From A Simple File      
Gungho::Provider::Inline Inline Provider      
Gungho::Provider::Simple An In-Memory, Simple Provider      
Gungho::Provider::YAML Specify requests in YAML format      
Gungho::Request A Gungho Request Object      
Gungho::Request::http HTTP specific utilities      
Gungho::Response Gungho HTTP Response Object      
Gungho::Util Gungho General Utilities      


Gungho.ja 高性能Webクローラーフレームワーク  
Gungho::Component.ja Gunghoコンポーネント親クラス  
Gungho::Component::Authentication.ja Gungho認証親クラス  
Gungho::Component::Authentication::Basic.ja GunghoでBasic認証を行う  
Gungho::Component::BlockPrivateIP.ja 内部IPアドレスに解決するリクエストを拒否する  
Gungho::Component::Cache.ja キャッシュ機能を組み込む  
Gungho::Component::RobotRules.ja robots.txtの処理を行う  
Gungho::Component::RobotRules::Storage.ja robots.txtストレージ  
Gungho::Component::RobotRules::Storage::DB_File.ja robots.txt情報をDB_Fileに格納する  
Gungho::Component::RobotsMETA.ja ページ内のRobotsMETAをパースする  
Gungho::Component::Throttle.ja スロットリング用ベースクラス  
Gungho::Component::Throttle::Domain.ja ドメイン/ホスト毎にスロットリング  
Gungho::Component::Throttle::Simple.ja リクエスト総数でスロットル  
Gungho::Engine::POE.ja Gungho用POEエンジン  
Gungho::Log::Dispatch.ja Gunghoログモジュール  
Gungho::Manual::Basics.ja Gunghoの基本  
Gungho::Manual::FAQ Gungho FAQ  
Gungho::Manual::FAQ.ja Gungho FAQ  
Gungho::Manual::Intro.ja 高性能クローラーフレームワーク  
Gungho::Manual::TODO TODO Items  
Gungho::Manuall::Install.ja インストール  
Gungho::Plugin::Apoptosis.ja プロセスが停止する時間を指定  
Gungho::Plugin::RequestLog.ja リクエスト履歴をログする  
Gungho::Request.ja Gunghoリクエストオブジェクト  
Gungho::Response.ja Gunghoレスポンス オブジェクト  
gungho An Extensible, High-Performance Web Crawler Framework