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This Release HTML-Display-0.40  [Download] [Browse 26 Jun 2013
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Special Files


HTML::Display display HTML locally in a browser     0.40
HTML::Display::Common routines common to all HTML::Display subclasses     0.40
HTML::Display::Debian display HTML using the Debian default     0.40
HTML::Display::Dump dump raw HTML to the console     0.40
HTML::Display::Galeon display HTML through Galeon     0.40
HTML::Display::Mozilla display HTML through Mozilla     0.40
HTML::Display::OSX display HTML on OSX     0.40
HTML::Display::Opera     0.40
HTML::Display::Phoenix display HTML through Phoenix     0.40
HTML::Display::TempFile base class to display HTML via a temporary file     0.40
HTML::Display::Win32 display an URL through the default application for HTML     0.40
HTML::Display::Win32::IE use IE to display HTML pages     0.40
HTML::Display::Win32::OLE use an OLE object to display HTML     0.40