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This Release HTML-Microformats-0.105  [Download] [Browse 05 Jul 2012
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


HTML::Microformats parse microformats in HTML     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Datatype representations of literal values     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Datatype::DateTime dates and datetimes     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Datatype::DateTime::Parser parse ISO8601 datetimes     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Datatype::Duration floating periods of time     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Datatype::Interval concrete periods of time     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Datatype::RecurringDateTime a datetime that recurs     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Datatype::String text in a particular language     0.105
HTML::Microformats::DocumentContext context for microformat objects     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format base microformat class     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::OpenURL_COinS the OpenURL COinS poshformat     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::RelEnclosure the rel-enclosure microformat     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::RelLicense the rel-license microformat     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::RelTag the rel-tag microformat     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::VoteLinks the VoteLinks microformat     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::XFN the XFN microformat     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::XMDP the XMDP microformat     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::XOXO the XOXO microformat     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::adr the adr microformat     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::figure the figure microformat     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::geo the geo microformat     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::hAlarm an hCalendar alarm component     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::hAtom the hAtom microformat     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::hAudio the hAudio microformat     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::hCalendar the hCalendar microformat     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::hCard the hCard microformat     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::hCard::TypedField helper for hCards; handles value plus type properties     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::hCard::email helper for hCards; handles the email property     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::hCard::impp helper for hCards; handles the impp property     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::hCard::label helper for hCards; handles the label property     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::hCard::n helper for hCards; handles the n property     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::hCard::org helper for hCards; handles the org property     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::hCard::tel helper for hCards; handles the tel property     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::hEntry an hAtom entry     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::hEvent an hCalendar event component     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::hFreebusy an hCalendar free/busy component     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::hListing the hListing microformat     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::hMeasure the hMeasure microformat     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::hNews the hNews microformat     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::hProduct the hProduct microformat     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::hRecipe the hRecipe microformat     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::hResume the hResume microformat     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::hReview the hReview and xFolk microformats     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::hReview::rating helper for hReviews; handles the rating property     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::hReviewAggregate the hReview-aggregate microformat     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::hTodo an hCalendar todo component     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format::species the species microformat     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Format_Rel base rel-* microformat class     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Mixin::Parser microformat parsing mixin     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Mixin::RDF RDF output mixin     0.105
HTML::Microformats::ObjectCache cache for microformat objects     0.105
HTML::Microformats::Utilities utility functions for searching and manipulating HTML     0.105


HTML::Microformats::Documentation::Notes misc usage and design notes