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tr_httpcheck -- check if a particular web-pages exists


USAGE: tr_httpcheck [-heEs] [url1 url2...]


tr_httpcheck is a post-processor for tr_blck to allow for checking of absolute linke of the type http://....


-h this help

-e print only results if an error was found

-E Like -e but print a . for every checked url.

-s print result in short format without the URL

If no URL is given then tr_httpcheck reads output from \"tr_blck -a\" on stdin and processes it. Note: This program does only http type of protocol checks. It can e.g not check https or ftp.


check a single url: tr_httpcheck

check many URLs extracted with tr_blck from web pages: tr_blck -a *.html | tr_httpcheck -E


You may set the environment variable HTTP_PROXY and NO_PROXY or http_proxy and no_proxy to use a proxy. If both are set then the uppercase version takes precedence. The format of the http_proxy variable looks like "http://www-proxy:8080/" and the no_proxy is a comma or space seperated list of servers or domains for which a direct connection should be made.


tr_httpcheck is part of the HTML::TagReader package and was written by Guido Socher [guido(at)]


If you are interessted in a link checker to check links only via the web-server then this is not the right program for you. This program is just a simple addon to tr_blck. Other programs like e.g or or (webpage where you can enter a url to check)

can be used if you want to check your web-pages only remotely via a web server.

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