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tr_llnk -- list links in html files


USAGE: tr_llnk [-h] [-AalW] [-i fname-list] html-files


Without option -A tr_llnk will list only relative links. The idea of this program is that you run tar cvf pages.tar `tr_llnk index.html something.html` in order to include files that are referenced by index.html and something.html.

With the option -A you can use tr_llnk to inspect the links in html files.


-h this help

-a list for <a href=...> tags everything until </a> This option implies (-l). You can not use this option in combination with tar to pack files together. This is more to look at the links of a web page.

-A list all href=..., src=..., and background=... tags whether they are relative or not.

-i index list. tr_llnk expands links on directories when possible by adding the default index file. E.g "href=../" becomes "href=../index.html". This option specifies the search order for the index file. It is a comma seperated list of files. Default (without this option): index.html,index.htm,index.shtml,default.htm,index.php3, index.php,index.wml Note that this option is not relevant if -l or -a was specified.

-l print with filename, line number and entire tag. Note that errors and warnings are always printed with filename and line numbers. If -l is given then the file names from the command line are not included unless they appear in one of the files as links. You can not use this in combination with tar to pack files together.

-W do not print warnings about html errors (not terminated tags etc ...).


pack a tar file: tar cvf pages.tar `tr_llnk index.html something.html`

inspect a html file: tr_llnk -Al something.html


tr_llnk is part of the HTML::TagReader package and was written by Guido Socher [guido(at)]

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