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This Release HTTP-AppServer-0.04  [Download] [Browse 15 Dec 2010
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Special Files


HTTP::AppServer Pure-Perl web application server framework     0.04
HTTP::AppServer::Base     0.01
HTTP::AppServer::Plugin Plugin base for HTTP::AppServer plugins.     0.01
HTTP::AppServer::Plugin::CustomError Plugin for HTTP::AppServer that defines custom error pages for all HTTP error codes.     0.01
HTTP::AppServer::Plugin::Database Plugin for HTTP::AppServer that allows easy DBI database access.     0.01
HTTP::AppServer::Plugin::FileRetriever Plugin for HTTP::AppServer that retrieves files from a document root.     0.01
HTTP::AppServer::Plugin::HTTPAuth Plugin for HTTP::AppServer uses HTTP authentication to authenticate a client. The authentication works based on a certain handler regex.     0.01
HTTP::AppServer::Plugin::JsonCrud     0.01
HTTP::AppServer::Plugin::PlainHTML Plugin for HTTP::AppServer that creates static html pages for a given set of database tables to make a website better accessable for search engine crawlers and drive SEO.     0.01