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This Release HTTP-OAI-4.06  [Download] [Browse 31 Aug 2017
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License The (three-clause) BSD License
Special Files


HTTP::OAI API for the OAI-PMH     4.06
HTTP::OAI::Debug debug the HTTP::OAI libraries     4.06
HTTP::OAI::Encapsulation Base class for data objects that contain DOM trees     4.06
HTTP::OAI::Error Encapsulates OAI error codes     4.06
HTTP::OAI::GetRecord An OAI GetRecord response     4.06
HTTP::OAI::Harvester Agent for harvesting from Open Archives version 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 and static ('2.0s') compatible repositories     4.06
HTTP::OAI::Header Encapsulates an OAI header structure     4.06
HTTP::OAI::Identify Provide access to an OAI Identify response     4.06
HTTP::OAI::ListIdentifiers Provide access to an OAI ListIdentifiers response     4.06
HTTP::OAI::ListMetadataFormats Provide access to an OAI ListMetadataFormats response     4.06
HTTP::OAI::ListRecords Provide access to an OAI ListRecords response     4.06
HTTP::OAI::ListSets Provide access to an OAI ListSets response     4.06
HTTP::OAI::MemberMixin     4.06
HTTP::OAI::Metadata Base class for data objects that contain DOM trees     4.06
HTTP::OAI::Metadata::METS METS accessor utility     4.06
HTTP::OAI::Metadata::OAI_DC Easy access to OAI Dublin Core     4.06
HTTP::OAI::Metadata::OAI_Eprints     4.06
HTTP::OAI::Metadata::OAI_Identifier     4.06
HTTP::OAI::MetadataFormat Encapsulates OAI metadataFormat XML data     4.06
HTTP::OAI::PartialList     4.06
HTTP::OAI::Record Encapsulates an OAI record     4.06
HTTP::OAI::Repository Documentation for building an OAI compliant repository using OAI-PERL     4.06
HTTP::OAI::Response     4.06
HTTP::OAI::ResumptionToken Encapsulates an OAI resumption token     4.06
HTTP::OAI::SAX::Base     4.06
HTTP::OAI::SAX::Driver     4.06
HTTP::OAI::SAX::Text     4.06
HTTP::OAI::SAX::Trace     4.06
HTTP::OAI::SAXHandler SAX2 utility filter     4.06
HTTP::OAI::Set Encapsulates OAI set XML data     4.06
HTTP::OAI::UserAgent Extension of the LWP::UserAgent for OAI HTTP requests     4.06
HTTP::OAI::Verb     4.06


oai_browser Command line OAI repository browser pipe OAI-PMH to the command-line