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This Release Haineko-0.2.16  [Download] [Browse 25 Jan 2014
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Haineko HTTP API into ESMTP     v0.2.16
Haineko::CLI Base class for command line interface      
Haineko::CLI::Daemon Haineko server control class      
Haineko::CLI::Help Class for displaying help message      
Haineko::CLI::Password Utility class for hainekoctl pw      
Haineko::CLI::Setup Setup files for Haineko      
Haineko::DNS Tiny resolver class      
Haineko::Default Default configuration instead of etc/      
Haineko::E Convert error message to an object      
Haineko::HTTPD Something like web application framework      
Haineko::HTTPD::Auth Basic authentication at connecting Haineko server      
Haineko::HTTPD::Request Child class of Plack::Request      
Haineko::HTTPD::Response Child class of Plack::Response      
Haineko::HTTPD::Router Child class of Plack::Request      
Haineko::JSON Wrapper class to load/dump JSON.      
Haineko::Log Syslog interface      
Haineko::Root Controller except /submit      
Haineko::SMTPD::Address Create an email address object      
Haineko::SMTPD::Greeting Create an EHLO response object      
Haineko::SMTPD::Milter Haineko milter base class      
Haineko::SMTPD::Milter::Example Haineko milter for Example      
Haineko::SMTPD::Milter::Nyaa Haineko milter for rewriting email body using Acme::Nyaa module.      
Haineko::SMTPD::RFC5321 Tools related RFC-5321      
Haineko::SMTPD::RFC5322 Tools related RFC-5322      
Haineko::SMTPD::Relay SMTP Connection class      
Haineko::SMTPD::Relay::AmazonSES Amazon SES API class for sending email      
Haineko::SMTPD::Relay::Discard Discard mailer class      
Haineko::SMTPD::Relay::ESMTP ESMTP Connection class      
Haineko::SMTPD::Relay::File Just save an email message      
Haineko::SMTPD::Relay::Haineko Relays from Haineko to other Haineko      
Haineko::SMTPD::Relay::MX ESMTP Connection class for sending server listed in MX record or A record      
Haineko::SMTPD::Relay::Mandrill Mandrill/MailChimp Web API class for sending email      
Haineko::SMTPD::Relay::Screen Just print an email message      
Haineko::SMTPD::Relay::SendGrid SendGrid Web API class for sending email      
Haineko::SMTPD::Response SMTP Response class      
Haineko::SMTPD::Session HTTP to SMTP Session class      
Haineko::Sample Controller for sample email      
Haineko::Sendmail Controller for /submit      


hainekoctl Controls haineko server and utilities.  

Other Files