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Tutorial for using Hardware::Vhdl::Automake ^

Step 1: Installing the modules

First ensure that you have the required dependency modules installed. These are:

Hardware::Vhdl::Lexer (version 1.0 or later)
YAML (version 0.62 or later)

Installation of Hardware::Vhdl::Automake should be done in the usual way for unpacking a CPAN distribution:

Step 2: Set up a VHDL project

Let’s look at what does.

Run the script.

It should not generate any console output, but a file called C:\hva_tutorial\ tutorial.hdlproj should be created.

Step 3: Generating the HDL files

This perl script loads the project that we created in step 2, tells the project how to output the status reports that it generates (for now it just prints the basic information to STDOUT, but I’ll provide something more user-friendly in a later step), and then tells it to generate all the HDL files. It then saves the project again: this is important, as the project file stores information about the code that has been compiled, so that it will know whether it needs recompiling later.

Step 4: Compiling the HDL

Step 5: A script to generate and compile

Usually there is no need to generate and compile separately: you want to generate all the hdl, and then compile any new or changed design units. The script does a load-generate-compile-save sequence, and also reports more detail on the process and any error reports.

What's not been covered

I still haven't shown you:

Just email me at <michaelattenborough at yahoo doht co doht uk> - knowing that someone is interested will spur me to writing further documentation.

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