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William Travis Holton > Hessian-Translator


This Release Hessian-Translator-1.06  [Download] [Browse 27 May 2014
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Hessian::Client RPC via Hessian with a remote server.      
Hessian::Deserializer Add deserialization capabilities to processor.      
Hessian::Deserializer::Binary Deserialization of Hessian into binary      
Hessian::Deserializer::Date Methods for deserializing hessian dates.      
Hessian::Deserializer::Numeric Deserializer methods for booleans, integers and floating point numbers.      
Hessian::Deserializer::String Methods for serialization of strings      
Hessian::Exception Basic exceptions for the Hessian protocol.      
Hessian::Serializer Serialize data into Hessian messages      
Hessian::Serializer::Binary Methods for serializing data into Hessian.      
Hessian::Serializer::Date Role for serializing dates into Hessian.      
Hessian::Serializer::Numeric Roles for serialization of integers, floating point numbers, dates and boolean expressions into Hessian.      
Hessian::Serializer::String Role for serialization of strings into hessian.      
Hessian::Simple Experimenting with dynamic fields      
Hessian::Translator Base class for Hessian serialization/deserialization.     1.06
Hessian::Translator::Composite Translate composite datastructures to and from hessian.      
Hessian::Translator::Envelope Translate envelope level Hessian syntax      
Hessian::Translator::V1 Translate datastructures to and from Hessian 1.0.      
Hessian::Translator::V2 Translate datastructures to and from Hessian 2.0.