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This Release Hyper-v0.05  [Download] [Browse 11 Jan 2009
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License The Artistic License 1.0
Special Files


Hyper The global Hyper Workflow Interface     v0.05
Hyper::Application abstract base class for Hyper Applications     v0.01
Hyper::Application::Default Default Application Class for Hyper     v0.01
Hyper::Application::Minimal Minimalistic Application Class for Hyper     v0.01
Hyper::Config::Object::Context Context Configuration Object     v0.01
Hyper::Config::Object::Control Configuration Object for Controls     v0.01
Hyper::Config::Object::Control::Validator Configuration Object for Validator Controls     v0.01
Hyper::Config::Object::Default Default Configuration Object     v0.01
Hyper::Config::Object::Step Configuration Object for a Workflow Step     v0.01
Hyper::Config::Object::Transition Configuration Object for a Workflow Transition     v0.01
Hyper::Config::Object::Validator::Group Configuration Object for Group Validators     v0.01
Hyper::Config::Object::Validator::Named Configuration Object for Named Validators     v0.01
Hyper::Config::Object::Validator::Single Configuration Object for Single Validators     v0.01
Hyper::Config::Reader abstract base class for all config objects.     v0.01
Hyper::Config::Reader::Container ini style Container Control config reader     v0.01
Hyper::Config::Reader::Context Object oriented INI Style Config Reader     v0.01
Hyper::Config::Reader::Flow ini style Flow Control config reader     v0.01
Hyper::Container base class for all container classes.     v0.01
Hyper::Context Context for accessing our configuration     v0.01
Hyper::Control base class for all control classes     v0.02
Hyper::Control::Base base class for all base control classes     v0.01
Hyper::Control::Base::BCheckbox Single Checkbox Base Control     v0.01
Hyper::Control::Base::BInput Input Base Control     v0.01
Hyper::Control::Base::BPushButton Push Button Base Control     v0.01
Hyper::Control::Base::BSelect Select Base Control     v0.01
Hyper::Control::Base::BTree Tree Base Control     v0.02
Hyper::Control::Base::BUpload Upload Base Control     v0.01
Hyper::Control::Container base class for all base container classes     v1.0
Hyper::Control::Flow base class for all flow and container controls     v1.1
Hyper::Control::Primitive base class for all primitive control classes     v0.01
Hyper::Control::Primitive::NSelect     v0.02
Hyper::Control::Primitive::XSelect advanced and secure select control     v0.02
Hyper::Control::Template base class for control classes which needs templating features     v0.01
Hyper::Control::Validator Control for getting Validator messages.     v0.01
Hyper::Control::Validator::Group Control for handling group validators.     v0.01
Hyper::Control::Validator::Single Control for handling single validators.     v0.01
Hyper::Debug class for storing debug messages     v0.01
Hyper::Error catch die and/or warn, offers throw method     v0.02
Hyper::Functions common functions for the Hyper Framework     v0.01
Hyper::Identifier get a unique identifer (eg. for html ids)     v0.01
Hyper::Name class for getting unique names for each instance.     v0.01
Hyper::Persistent Object cache for the Hyper Framework     v0.01
Hyper::Request::Default store data for one Request only     v0.01
Hyper::Request::ModPerl2 store data for one Request only     v0.01
Hyper::Singleton base class which implements the singleton design pattern     v0.01
Hyper::Singleton::CGI Singleton CGI Class.     v0.01
Hyper::Singleton::Container Singleton version of Hyper::Container.     v0.01
Hyper::Singleton::Container::Validator a Hyper::Singleton::Container with additional features for validators.     v0.01
Hyper::Singleton::Container::Validator::Group a Hyper::Singleton::Container::Validator used for group validators.     v0.01
Hyper::Singleton::Container::Validator::Single a Hyper::Singleton::Container::Validator used for single validators.     v0.01
Hyper::Singleton::Context Singleton version of Hyper::Context.      
Hyper::Singleton::Debug Singleton version of Hyper::Debug.     v0.01
Hyper::Template abstract base class to adopt template engines     v0.01
Hyper::Template::HTC class for using HTC based Hyper templates     v0.01
Hyper::Template::HTC::Compiler Provide improved HTC features in a dirty way.     v0.01
Hyper::Template::HTC::Plugin::Text Plugin to connect Hyper Translators to HTC     v0.01
Hyper::Translator abstract base class for all translator classes     v0.01
Hyper::Translator::Noop A translator which does not translate at all     v0.01
Hyper::Validator Validator base class for all validator classes     v0.02
Hyper::Validator::Group Base class for group validators     v0.01
Hyper::Validator::Group::Compare Validator comparing values     v0.01
Hyper::Validator::Single Base class for single validators     v0.01
Hyper::Validator::Single::Required Validator for required values     v0.01
Hyper::Workflow::Default Default Workflow for Hyper     v0.02