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IRC::Indexer - IRC server stats collection via POE


  ## Pull stats from a single server:
  $ ircindexer-single -s -f JSON -o cobaltirc.json

  ## Generate some example confs:
  $ ircindexer-examplecf -t httpd -o

  $ mkdir networks/
  $ cd networks/
  $ mkdir cobaltirc
  $ ircindexer-examplecf -t spec -o cobaltirc/
  $ $EDITOR cobaltirc/
  . . .
  ## Spawn a httpd serving JSON:
  $ ircindexer-server-json -c

  ## See IRC::Indexer::Trawl::Bot for more on using trawlers from 
  ## within your own POE-enabled apps.


IRC::Indexer is a set of modules and utilities useful for trawling IRC networks, collecting information, and exporting it to portable formats for use in Web frontends and other applications.

ircindexer-server-json serves as a real world example of how to use the trawler system to index IRC networks; it is usable as-is to trawl sets of IRC servers belonging to configured networks and serve JSON-serialized network stats via HTTP.

ircindexer-server-json is fairly scalable; this could be used directly to build an IRC trawling/indexing Web application in a language of your choice, for example (or just grab data at intervals and spit out some graphs for a network or two, see examples/ in the distribution).

ircindexer-single can be used to trawl a single server in one shot, exporting to YAML, JSON, or Perl. See the documentation or ircindexer-single -h for details.

See the perldoc for IRC::Indexer::Trawl::Bot for more about using the trawl bot itself as part of other POE-enabled applications.

The Trawl::Bot instances run asynchronously within a single process; IRC::Indexer::Trawl::Forking can be used to run Trawl::Bot instances as forked workers that immediately die when complete, if you prefer.

See IRC::Indexer::POD::ServerSpec and IRC::Indexer::POD::NetworkSpec for details on exported data.



Jon Portnoy <>

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