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IRC::Indexer::POD::NetworkSpec - Export format for a network


This document describes the format of IRC::Indexer exports from a collection of trawlers composing an IRC network.

This is the data returned by IRC::Indexer::Report::Network after it has been fed at least one IRC::Indexer::Report::Server.

You'll probably want to read IRC::Indexer::POD::ServerSpec -- the same conventions apply.


  ConnectedAt => TIME
  FinishedAt  => TIME
  GlobalUsers => INT
  OperCount   => INT

  Servers     => HASH   (see below)
  LastServer  => STRING (last server trawled for this network)

  ChanCount   => INT  (public channels only)  
  HashChans   => HASH
  ListChans   => ARRAY

These are documented further in IRC::Indexer::POD::ServerSpec.

Servers hash

  Servers => {
    SERVER-NAME => {
      TrawledAt => TIME
      IRCD => STRING (server version)
      MOTD => [ ARRAY of MOTD lines ]  ## OPTIONAL

The Servers hash contains information pertaining to specific servers belonging to this network that have been trawled.

It is keyed on actual reported server name (the ServerName field of a Server export); each server is a nested hash.


Jon Portnoy <>

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