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IUP::ElementPropertiesDialog - [pre-defined dialog] special dialog for GUI editing of IUP elements


Creates an Element Properties Dialog. It is a predefined dialog to edit the properties of an element in run time. It is a standard IUP::Dialog constructed with other IUP elements. The dialog can be shown with any of the show functions Show, ShowXY or Popup.

Any existent element can be edited. It does not need to be mapped on the native system nor visible.

This is a dialog intended for developers, so they can see and inspect their elements in other ways.

It contains 3 Tab sections: one for the registered attributes of the element, one for custom attributes set at the hash table, and one for the callbacks. The callbacks are just for inspection, and custom attribute should be handled carefully because they may be not strings. Registered attributes values are shown in red when they were changed by the application.


CREATION - new() method

 $propdialog = IUP::ElementPropertiesDialog( $element );
 $propdialog = IUP::ElementPropertiesDialog( element=>$element );

$element: identifier of the element to display the properties. Not optional.

Returns: the identifier of the created element, or undef if an error occurs.

NOTE: You can pass to new() other ATTRIBUTE=>'value' or CALLBACKNAME=>\&func pairs relevant to this element - see IUP::Manual::02_Elements.


For more info about concept of attributes (setting/getting values etc.) see IUP::Manual::03_Attributes. Attributes specific to this element:

Check the IUP::Dialog attributes.


For more info about concept of callbacks (setting callback handlers etc.) see IUP::Manual::04_Callbacks. Callbacks specific to this element:

Check the IUP::Dialog callbacks.


Unfortunately there are no sample scripts using this element.


IUP::Dialog, Show, ShowXY, Popup, IUP::LayoutDialog

The original doc: iupelementpropdialog.html

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