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IUP::Manual::07_UsingImageLibrary - Using IUP buil-in image library


Available Images ^

All built-in images from ImageLibrary are available automatically after use IUP

To use/reference build-in images you have to use symbolic names like "IUP_LogoTecgraf" - BEWARE: the names are strings not constants/bare words.

See - Using Images in Other Elements (via IMAGE Attribute)

Bitmap Group

These bitmaps are 16x16-8bpp (Motif), 16x16-32bpp (Win32) or 24x24-32bpp (GTK) pixels size images that can be used in Buttons, usually inside toolbars. Do not set RASTERSIZE of buttons so they can expand when switching to GTK.

Icon Group

These icons are 32x32 pixels size (or just 32 pixels height) images that can be used in Labels, usually inside toolbars.

Logo Group

These logos are 48x48 pixels size (or just 48 pixels height) images that can be used in Labels, usually inside dialogs.


NOTE: used imglib has to be built with -DIUP_IMGLIB_LARGE (which is disabled by default) to include these images. Alien::IUP asks dusing build process for enabling 48x48 images.

Here are other images available in the IUP stock library, commonly used by the respective systems. All images are 48x48 pixels size and 32bpp.

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