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This Release InterMine-Model-0.9901  [Download] [Browse 03 Feb 2012
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


InterMine::Model the representation of an InterMine model     0.9901
InterMine::Model::Attribute represents an attribute of an InterMine class      
InterMine::Model::ClassDescriptor represents a class in an InterMine model      
InterMine::Model::Collection represents a collection in an InterMine class      
InterMine::Model::Handler The SAX handler for reading in a model      
InterMine::Model::Object the class all instantiated objects inherit from      
InterMine::Model::Reference represents a reference in an InterMine class      
InterMine::Model::Role::Descriptor Provides the common behaviour of descriptors      
InterMine::Model::Role::Field Provides common behaviour for field descriptors      
InterMine::Model::TestModel A model to make testing easy for other modules.      
InterMine::Model::Types types used by InterMine::Model or its subclasses.