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This Release JSORB-0.04  [Download] [Browse 13 Jan 2010
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Catalyst::Action::JSORB Catalyst Action for JSORB dispatchers     0.04
Catalyst::Action::JSORB::WithInvocant Catalyst Action for JSORB Dispatcher     0.04
JS::JSORB Javascript client for JSORB     0.04
JSORB Javascript Object Request Broker     0.04
JSORB::Client::Compiler A base role for JSORB client compilers     0.04
JSORB::Client::Compiler::Javascript A JSORB Javascript client compiler     0.04
JSORB::Core::Element A core JSORB element     0.04
JSORB::Dispatcher::Catalyst A dispatcher for use with Catalyst     0.04
JSORB::Dispatcher::Catalyst::WithInvocant A Catalyst dispatcher for invocants     0.04
JSORB::Dispatcher::Path Simple path based dispatcher     0.04
JSORB::Dispatcher::Traits::WithContext A dispatcher trait for context arguments     0.04
JSORB::Dispatcher::Traits::WithInvocant A dispatcher trait for invocants     0.04
JSORB::Dispatcher::Traits::WithInvocantFactory A dispatch trait which creates invocants     0.04
JSORB::Interface A JSORB Interface     0.04
JSORB::Method An RPC Method     0.04
JSORB::Namespace A JSORB namespace     0.04
JSORB::Procedure A basic RPC procedure     0.04
JSORB::Reflector::Class Automatic JSORB namespace/interface construction     0.04
JSORB::Reflector::Package Automatic JSORB namespace/interface construction     0.04
JSORB::Server::Simple A simple HTTP server for JSORB     0.04
JSORB::Server::Traits::WithDebug A debugging trait for JSORB::Server::Simple     0.04
JSORB::Server::Traits::WithInvocant A JSORB::Server::Simple trait for working with invocants     0.04
JSORB::Server::Traits::WithStaticFiles A JSORB::Server::Simple trait for static files     0.04
JSORB::Types A set of Moose types used in JSORB     0.04