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This Release Kamaitachi-0.05  [Download] [Browse 25 Feb 2010
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Kamaitachi perl flash media server     0.05
Kamaitachi::IOStream RTMP stream reader/writer      
Kamaitachi::Packet RTMP packet      
Kamaitachi::Packet::Function RTMP function packet      
Kamaitachi::Service Kamaitachi service base class      
Kamaitachi::Service::AMFHandler service role to parse amf object      
Kamaitachi::Service::AutoConnect service role to accept all connection      
Kamaitachi::Service::AutoConnectACL service role to accept connection with ACL      
Kamaitachi::Service::Broadcaster service role to broadcast packet to others      
Kamaitachi::Service::ChildHandler service role to handle clients      
Kamaitachi::Service::ConnectionHandler service role to create connect response      
Kamaitachi::Service::Core core service role      
Kamaitachi::Service::NetStreamHandler service role to create netstream packet      
Kamaitachi::Service::Recorder service role to record flv      
Kamaitachi::Service::StreamAudienceCounter service role to count and broadcast streaming audience      
Kamaitachi::Service::Streaming service role to handle media streaming      
Kamaitachi::Session Kamaitachi connection handler      
Kamaitachi::Socket Kamaitachi connection socket