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Kwiki::Formatter::CaptionedImage - Will display an image to the screen with a caption below it.


Version 0.01


This module handles the common idiom of displaying a caption below an image This is very common in manuals and more formal documents. Syntax is basically the same as a titled external link but the URL points to an image instead of a document.

In your wiki markup:

    [ Picture of Footastic product]

The HTML produced should be something like:

    <table class="captioned_image">
        <tbody><tr><td><img src="" /></td></tr></tbody>
        <tfoot><tr><th>Picture of Footastic product</th></tr></tfoot>

With the default stylesheets this will look something like:

    |                              |
    |     <Pic displays here>      |
    |                              |
    | Picture of Footastic product |

Floating the image ^

By default the captioned image is centered on the screen with both sides cleared. You can also float the captioned image left or right and the text will flow around it.

For a left floated image:

    [left| Picture of Footastic product]

For a right floated image:

    [right| Picture of Footastic product]


Eric Anderson, <eric at>


Copyright 2006 CorData, all rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. See

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