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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Lab::Bus bus base class     3.41
Lab::Bus::DEBUG interactive debug bus     3.41
Lab::Bus::DEBUG::HumanInstrument interactive debug bus with WxWindow interface     3.41
Lab::Bus::IsoBus Oxford Instruments IsoBus bus     3.41
Lab::Bus::LinuxGPIB LinuxGPIB bus     3.41
Lab::Bus::MODBUS_RS232 RS232/RS485 MODBUS RTU protocol bus     3.41
Lab::Bus::RS232 RS232 or Virtual Comm port bus     3.41
Lab::Bus::Socket IP socket as bus     3.41
Lab::Bus::USBtmc LinuxGPIB bus     3.41
Lab::Bus::VISA National Instruments VISA bus     3.41
Lab::Connection connection base class     3.41
Lab::Connection::DEBUG debug connection     3.41
Lab::Connection::GPIB base class for GPIB connections     3.41
Lab::Connection::IsoBus IsoBus connection class which uses Lab::Bus::IsoBus as a backend.     3.41
Lab::Connection::LinuxGPIB connection class which uses LinuxGPIB (libgpib0) as a backend.     3.41
Lab::Connection::MODBUS_RS232 connection class for Lab::Bus::MODBUS_RS232     3.41
Lab::Connection::RS232 base class for RS232 connections     3.41
Lab::Connection::Socket     3.41
Lab::Connection::TCPraw connection class which uses a so-called TCPraw connection     3.41
Lab::Connection::USBtmc connection class which uses LinuxGPIB (libgpib0) as a backend.     3.41
Lab::Connection::VISA VISA-type connection class which uses Lab::Bus::VISA and thus NI VISA (Lab::VISA) as a backend.     3.41
Lab::Connection::VISA_GPIB GPIB-type connection class which uses Lab::Bus::VISA and thus NI VISA (Lab::VISA) as a backend.     3.41
Lab::Connection::VISA_RS232 RS232-type connection class which uses Lab::Bus::VISA and thus NI VISA (Lab::VISA) as a backend.     3.41
Lab::Data::Meta Meta data for datasets     3.41
Lab::Data::PDL     3.41
Lab::Data::Plotter Plot data with Gnuplot     3.41
Lab::Data::Writer Write data to disk     3.41
Lab::Data::XMLtree Handle and store XML and perl data structures with precise declaration.     3.41
Lab::Exception exception handling classes     3.41
Lab::Exception::Base     3.41
Lab::Generic     3.41
Lab::Generic::CLOptions     3.41
Lab::GenericIO     3.41
Lab::GenericIO::STDerrHandle     3.41
Lab::GenericIO::STDoutHandle     3.41
Lab::GenericSignals     3.41
Lab::IO::Data     3.41
Lab::IO::Data::Debug     3.41
Lab::IO::Data::Error     3.41
Lab::IO::Data::Message     3.41
Lab::IO::Data::Warning     3.41
Lab::IO::Interface     3.41
Lab::IO::Interface::Term     3.41
Lab::Instrument instrument base class     3.41
Lab::Instrument::AH2700A     3.41
Lab::Instrument::Agilent34410A HP/Agilent 34410A or 34411A digital multimeter     3.41
Lab::Instrument::Agilent34420A HP/Agilent 34420A or 34421A digital multimeter     3.41
Lab::Instrument::Cryogenic_SMS Cryogenic SMS120 superconducting magnet supply     3.41
Lab::Instrument::DummySource Dummy voltage source     3.41
Lab::Instrument::HP34401A HP/Agilent 34401A digital multimeter     3.41
Lab::Instrument::HP34420A HP/Agilent 34420A digital multimeter     3.41
Lab::Instrument::HP3458A Agilent 3458A Multimeter     3.41
Lab::Instrument::HP83732A HP 83732A Series Synthesized Signal Generator     3.41
Lab::Instrument::IPS Oxford Instruments IPS Magnet Power Supply     3.41
Lab::Instrument::ITC Oxford Instruments ITC Intelligent Temperature Control     3.41
Lab::Instrument::Keithley2000 Keithley 2000 digital multimeter     3.41
Lab::Instrument::KnickS252 Knick S 252 DC source     3.41
Lab::Instrument::LabViewHeater     3.41
Lab::Instrument::Lakeshore33x Lakeshore 33x Temperature controller     3.41
Lab::Instrument::MG369xB MG369xB Series Signal Generator     3.41
Lab::Instrument::MagnetSupply base class for magnet power supply instruments     3.41
Lab::Instrument::Multimeter Generic digital multimeter interface     3.41
Lab::Instrument::OI_ILM210 Oxford Instruments ILM Intelligent Level Meter     3.41
Lab::Instrument::OI_IPS Oxford Instruments IPS series superconducting magnet supply     3.41
Lab::Instrument::OI_ITC503 Oxford Instruments ITC503 Intelligent Temperature Control     3.41
Lab::Instrument::OI_Mercury Oxford Instruments Mercury Cryocontrol     3.41
Lab::Instrument::OI_Triton Oxford Instruments Triton DR Control     3.41
Lab::Instrument::PD11042 42mm stepper motor with integrated controller/driver     3.41
Lab::Instrument::ProStep4     3.41
Lab::Instrument::RSSMB100A Rohde & Schwarz SMB100A Signal Generator     3.41
Lab::Instrument::SR830 Stanford Research SR830 Lock-In Amplifier     3.41
Lab::Instrument::Source base class for voltage source instruments     3.41
Lab::Instrument::SpectrumSCPI Spectrum Analyzer with SCPI command set     3.41
Lab::Instrument::TCD Temperature Control Interface for our Oxford Dilution Fridge     3.41
Lab::Instrument::TRMC2 ABB TRMC2 temperature controller     3.41
Lab::Instrument::TemperatureControl base class for temperature control instruments     3.41
Lab::Instrument::TemperatureControl::TLK43 Electronic process controller TLKA41/42/43 (SIKA GmbH)     3.41
Lab::Instrument::TemperatureDiode     3.41
Lab::Instrument::TemperatureDiode::SI420     3.41
Lab::Instrument::U2000 Agilent U2000 series USB Power Sensor     3.41
Lab::Instrument::Vectormagnet     3.41
Lab::Instrument::Yokogawa7651 Yokogawa 7651 DC source     3.41
Lab::Instrument::YokogawaGS200 Yokogawa GS200 DC source     3.41
Lab::Measurement Log, describe and plot data on the fly     3.41
Lab::Measurement::KeyboardHandling     3.41
Lab::Measurement::Ladediagramm     3.41
Lab::MultiChannelInstrument     3.41
Lab::XPRESS::Data::XPRESS_DataFile     3.41
Lab::XPRESS::Data::XPRESS_dataset     3.41
Lab::XPRESS::Data::XPRESS_logger     3.41
Lab::XPRESS::Data::XPRESS_plotter     3.41
Lab::XPRESS::Sweep::DietersCrazyTempSweep     3.41
Lab::XPRESS::Sweep::Dummy     3.41
Lab::XPRESS::Sweep::Frame     3.41
Lab::XPRESS::Sweep::Frequency Frequency-Sweep     3.41
Lab::XPRESS::Sweep::Magnet magnetic field sweep     3.41
Lab::XPRESS::Sweep::Motor stepper motor sweep     3.41
Lab::XPRESS::Sweep::Power Power-Sweep     3.41
Lab::XPRESS::Sweep::PulseLength Frequency-Sweep     3.41
Lab::XPRESS::Sweep::PulsePeriod Frequency-Sweep     3.41
Lab::XPRESS::Sweep::Repeater simple repeater     3.41
Lab::XPRESS::Sweep::Sweep base class for Sweeps     3.41
Lab::XPRESS::Sweep::Temperature temperature sweep     3.41
Lab::XPRESS::Sweep::Time simple time controlled repeater     3.41
Lab::XPRESS::Sweep::Voltage voltage sweep     3.41
Lab::XPRESS::Xpression::Plotter Plot data with Gnuplot     3.41
Lab::XPRESS::Xpression::PlotterGUI     3.41
Lab::XPRESS::hub     3.41
Lab::XPRESSION::Xpress::PlotterGUI_bidirectional     3.41
Lab::XPRESSION::Xpress::bidirectional_gnuplot_pipe     3.41


Lab::Measurement::Installation Installation guide for Lab::Measurement  
Lab::Measurement::Tutorial Tutorial on using the Lab::Measurement package stack  
lib/Lab/Measurement/Developer/Write-A-Source-Driver.pod Generate a list of all plots defined in all metafiles of the current directory Generate a LaTeX overview file with plots of all measurements in a directory Show info from meta file. Plot data with GnuPlot