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This Release Lingua-NATools-v0.7.10  [Download] [Browse 31 Oct 2015
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Lingua::NATools A framework for Parallel Corpora processing     v0.7.10
Lingua::NATools::CGI Utility functions for NATools CGI tools     v0.7.10
Lingua::NATools::Client Simple API to query NAT Objects     v0.7.10
Lingua::NATools::Config Simple configuration file API     v0.7.10
Lingua::NATools::Corpus To inter-operate with NATools Corpus files     v0.7.10
Lingua::NATools::Corpus::Iterator     v0.7.10
Lingua::NATools::Dict Perl extension to encapsulate Dict interface     v0.7.10
Lingua::NATools::Lexicon Encapsulates NATools Lexicon files     v0.7.10
Lingua::NATools::Matrix Module to align a sentence by blocks     v0.7.10
Lingua::NATools::NATDict Perl extension to encapsulate a NATools Dictionary     v0.7.10
Lingua::NATools::PCorpus Perl extension to inter-operate with a NATool Parallel Corpus     v0.7.10


nat-StarDict Creates a StarDict from a NATools corpus.  
nat-addDict: adds a dictionary in Perl Dumper format into a NATools corpus.  
nat-codify Command line tool to codify corpora  
nat-compareDicts used to compare two PTDs in Perl dumper format.  
nat-create Command line tool to create NATools Corpora Objects  
nat-css Corpus Search Sentence utility.  
nat-dict interface for binary PTDs operations.  
nat-dumpDicts Command line tool to dump NATools PTDs  
nat-examplesExtractor: extracts translation examples and terminology from a NATools corpus.  
nat-initmat initialize a sparse matrix with words co-occurrence.  
nat-ipfp one of the three possible EM-Algorithm implementations of NATools  
nat-lex2perl dumps a lexicon file as Perl hash.  
nat-makeCWB Dumps a NATools corpus in a format suitable to be imported in CWB  
nat-mat2dic A translator from co-occurrence matrices to a dictionary file.  
nat-mkMakefile generates a pmakefile to be used by Makefile::Parallel  
nat-mkRealDict used to create a dictionary similar to a PTD based on a word aligned corpus.  
nat-ngramsIdx Indexes a ngrams SQLite file  
nat-pair2tmx join two files in NATools input format into a TMX file.  
nat-postbin A translator from dictionary file to the Perl readable format.  
nat-pre A pre-processor for parallel texts, counting words, checking sentence numbers, and creating auxiliary files.  
nat-rank classifies each parallel corpus aligned sentence  
nat-samplea one of the three possible EM-Algorithm implementations of NATools  
nat-sampleb one of the three possible EM-Algorithm implementations of NATools  
nat-sentalign C sentence aligner.  
nat-sentenec-align simple interface for Vanilla aligner.  
nat-shell A shell interface to NATools corpora alignment  
nat-substDict: substitutes a dictionary in a NATools corpus by a Perl Dumper format PTD.  
nat-tmx2pair splits a TMX file into several files, one for each language