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Locale::MakePhrase::Numeric - Numeric translation/stringification


This module provides the functionality to translate and/or stringify a numeric, into something suitable for the string being translated.


The following class-functions are provided:

$string stringify($number,$options)

This class-function implements the stringification of a number to a suitable output format. The $options parameter is used to control the formatting behaviour:


The formatting appled to the number; this must be an array reference containing 4 elements:

  1. decimal seperator
  2. thousand's seperator
  3. when the value is negative, the symbol shown to the left of the number
  4. when the value is negative, the symbol shown to the right of the number

Set the number of characters used in the output.


Set the maximum number of decimal places processed.


Set this to true to make the output use a fixed number of decimal places, irrespective if the values are all zeros. Use this in conjunction with the precision setting.


Set this value to true to make the number show exponential notation.


Set this to true to make the output display zeros; combine this with the width setting.


If the number is purely an integer, you have not set the fixed or scientific settings, we try to keep the number from turning into its scientific notation (ie: we try to stop big numbers turning into something like 1.04E+09).

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