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Mark Rogaski > Log-Agent


This Release Log-Agent-1.003  [Download] [Browse 09 Nov 2017
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License The Artistic License 2.0 (GPL Compatible)
Special Files


Log::Agent logging agent     1.003
Log::Agent::Channel ancestor class for all Log::Agent channels      
Log::Agent::Channel::File file logging channel for Log::Agent      
Log::Agent::Channel::Handle I/O handle logging channel for Log::Agent      
Log::Agent::Channel::Syslog syslog logging channel for Log::Agent::Logger      
Log::Agent::Driver ancestor class for all Log::Agent drivers      
Log::Agent::Driver::Datum interceptor driver to cooperate with Carp::Datum      
Log::Agent::Driver::Default default logging driver for Log::Agent      
Log::Agent::Driver::File file logging driver for Log::Agent      
Log::Agent::Driver::Fork dummy driver for forking output to multiple drivers      
Log::Agent::Driver::Mail email driver for Log::Agent      
Log::Agent::Driver::Silent silent logging driver for Log::Agent      
Log::Agent::Driver::Syslog syslog logging driver for Log::Agent      
Log::Agent::File::Native low-overhead IO::File      
Log::Agent::Message a log message      
Log::Agent::Priorities conversion between syslog priorities and levels      
Log::Agent::Stamping time-stamping routines      
Log::Agent::Tag formats caller information      
Log::Agent::Tag::Callback a dynamic tag string      
Log::Agent::Tag::Caller formats caller information      
Log::Agent::Tag::Priority a log priority tag string      
Log::Agent::Tag::String a constant tag string      
Log::Agent::Tag_List user-defined tags to add to every log