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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Dancer2::Logger::LogReport reroute Dancer2 logs into Log::Report     1.18
Dancer2::Plugin::LogReport logging and exceptions via Log::Report     1.18
Dancer2::Plugin::LogReport::Message extended Log::Report message class     1.18
Dancer::Logger::LogReport reroute Dancer logs into Log::Report     1.18
Log::Report report a problem, with exceptions and translation support     1.18
Log::Report::DBIC::Profiler query profiler for DBIx::Class     1.18
Log::Report::Die compatibility routines with Perl's die/croak/confess     1.18
Log::Report::Dispatcher manage message dispatching, display or logging     1.18
Log::Report::Dispatcher::Callback call a code-ref for each log-line     1.18
Log::Report::Dispatcher::File send messages to a file or file-handle     1.18
Log::Report::Dispatcher::Log4perl send messages to Log::Log4perl back-end     1.18
Log::Report::Dispatcher::LogDispatch send messages to Log::Dispatch back-end     1.18
Log::Report::Dispatcher::Perl send messages to die and warn     1.18
Log::Report::Dispatcher::Syslog send messages to syslog     1.18
Log::Report::Dispatcher::Try capture all reports as exceptions     1.18
Log::Report::Domain administer one text-domain     1.18
Log::Report::Exception a collected report     1.18
Log::Report::Message a piece of text to be translated     1.18
Log::Report::Translator base implementation for translating messages     1.18
MojoX::Log::Report divert log messages into Log::Report     1.18