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sf_list - lists the contents of a SoundFont or Gravis file


 sf_list Glurk.sf2    # lists bank, patchnum, patchname
 sf_list -b 3,4 Groik.sf2    # only shows banks 3 and 4
 sf_list -b 0 -p 73 Groik.sf2   # shows bank 0 patch 73
 sf_list -b 0 -p 17 -l doc/Jeux14.sf2     # more detail

 sf_list    # lists contents of a .zip of GUS
 sf_list fiddle.pat       # contents of a GUS .pat file

 sf_list -b 0 -c doc/Jeux14.sf2 # suggests timidity.cfg
 sf_list -c gravis/   # suggests timidity.cfg


This script uses the CPAN module MIDI::SoundFont to display a list of the Patches in a .sf2 SoundFont file, or in a Gravis .zip archive, or the contents of a Gravis .pat patch-file.

It is distributed in the ./examples subdirectory of the MIDI::SoundFont module.

It displays the Patches in a readable format, e.g.:

 bank 8 patch 17  # Detuned Organ 2

ready for pasting into a midi channel command in muscript, e.g.:

 midi channel 3 bank 8 patch 17  # Detuned Organ 2

The muscript file can then be listened to by:

 muscript -midi t > t.mid
 timidity -x 'soundfont Glurk.sf2' t.mid


-b 0,127

Only displays the patches in banks 0 and 127. Useful on SoundFont files.


Outputs a suggested timidity.cfg paragraph to allow you to use your soundfont, or gravis patch or zip, in timidity.

You should insert the resulting string into your timidity.cfg by hand, using your favourite text editor, because there are bound to be things you'll want to change.

For Gravis .zip archives, the String::Approx module is used to guess some General-Midi-conformant patch-numbers.


Long output. Useful on SoundFont files, and particularly in conjunction with the -p option.

-p 73,74

Only displays patches number 73 and 74. Useful on SoundFont files, and particularly in conjunction with the -b and -l options.


Prints version number.


 20120224  1.0  first working version


Peter J Billam


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