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This Release MOSES-MOBY-0.96.1  [Download] [Browse 09 Dec 2010
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


MOSES::MOBY Start here! Documentation for the Perl extension for the automatic generation of BioMOBY web services!     1.11
MOSES::MOBY::Async A module for interacting with HTTP POST WSRF asynchronous services     1.03
MOSES::MOBY::Base Hash-based abstract super-class for all MOBY objects     1.06
MOSES::MOBY::Cache::Central access to locally cached Moby entities     1.09
MOSES::MOBY::Cache::Registries List of known BioMoby registries     1.06
MOSES::MOBY::Config A hash based configuration module based on Config::Simple     1.06
MOSES::MOBY::Data::Boolean A primite Moby data type for booleans     1.04
MOSES::MOBY::Data::DateTime A primite Moby data type for dates/times     1.05
MOSES::MOBY::Data::Float A primite Moby data type for float numbers     1.04
MOSES::MOBY::Data::Integer A primite Moby data type for integers     1.04
MOSES::MOBY::Data::Object A base Moby data type     1.05
MOSES::MOBY::Data::ProvisionInformation a provision information block (PIB)     1.04
MOSES::MOBY::Data::String A primite Moby data type for strings     1.04
MOSES::MOBY::Data::Xref a Moby cross-reference     1.04
MOSES::MOBY::Def::Data a BioMoby definition of a service input/output     1.04
MOSES::MOBY::Def::DataType a definition of BioMoby data type     1.04
MOSES::MOBY::Def::Namespace a definition of a BioMoby Namespace     1.04
MOSES::MOBY::Def::Relationship a definition of relationships between Moby data types     1.04
MOSES::MOBY::Def::Service a BioMoby service definition     1.05
MOSES::MOBY::Def::ServiceType a BioMoby service type definition     1.04
MOSES::MOBY::Generators::GenServices generator of Moby services     1.09
MOSES::MOBY::Generators::GenTypes generator of Moby data types     1.04
MOSES::MOBY::Generators::Utils     1.07
MOSES::MOBY::Package     1.04
MOSES::MOBY::Parser parser of XML BioMoby messages     1.04
MOSES::MOBY::Service::ServiceBase     1.04
MOSES::MOBY::ServiceException     1.04
MOSES::MOBY::Tags     1.04


MOSES::MOBY::ServiceBase a super-class for all BioMoby services  
MOSES::MOBY::Utils what does not fit elsewhere